• The Conjuring

    James Wan, the man behind ?Insidious?, one of the most effective horror films in recent memory, revisits his old stomping ground of haunted houses and fatal supernatural encounters in a blood-curdling story that's based on real-life events

  • In Fear

    Jeremy Lovering's blood-curdling debut does not shy away from its primal nature, building mounting tension and suspense where other much more buzzed about films fail miserably.

  • Cheap Thrills

    Katz's sadistic thriller gives the idiocy contest that is your run-of-the-mill reality show and the greediness of a society addicted to instant fame and fast cash the big screen treatment.

  • Big Bad Wolves

    A cop operating on the fringes of the law, a bereaved father thirsty for revenge and a teacher suspected for a series of heinous crimes against underage girls, whose bodies are always discovered headless.

  • Sharknado

    The ingeniously stupid idea behind ?Sharknado? is best illustrated in the title: a tornado swallows up sharks from the Pacific Ocean and spews them out over Los Angeles.

  • HK Forbidden Super Hero

    Following in the footsteps of Hitoshi Matsumoto's paranoid cinema, Yuichi Fukuda delivers the most twisted b-movie of the year, causing spontaneous explosions of uncontrollable laughter everywhere he goes.

  • A Field in England

    Stylistically and dramatically bold, delightfully inventive and totally paranoid, the new sardonic comedy courtesy of Ben Wheatley promises to submerge you in an unprecedented psychedelic trip to the far corners of British history