• Upstream Color

    Kris and Jeff are inexplicably drawn together by an irresistible force, unveiling a forgotten past they never knew existed. Walking the fine line between love story and thriller against a sci-fi backdrop, Carruth creates a cinematic experience full of fascinating imagery that's definitely worth a try.

  • Spring Breakers

    Harmony Korine's latest provocative effort is, without any hint of exaggeration, the guiltiest pleasure of the film season, capturing four young girls in a violent, heavily sexualized Spring Break frenzy.

  • My Sweet Pepper Land

    A bitter sense of humour and atmospheric musical inserts complete a modest work of art, which rightfully gained a lot of supporters in the last Cannes Film Festival.

  • Much Ado About Nothing

    What is ?The Avengers? director doing in a romantic comedy inspired by Shakespeare's ?Much Ado About Nothing?? I'll let you know what he's doing: he has written and directed it, he has composed and recorded the score and he's even helmed the production, just to prove he's a little more than every comic book nerd's new favorite director.

  • Jiseul

    Based on a bloody page in South Korean history that is all but forgotten, Muel O. zeroes in on the attempts of an entire village to escape certain death by hiding out in underground caves, faced with freezing temperatures, starvation and fear. Avoiding a traditional reenactment, the director chooses to highlight intimate moments on both sides of the fence.

  • India Blues

    The relationship between two very different men filtered through eight different emotional states they experience: pain, desire, happiness, jealousy, peace, love and anger. Significant and insignificant moments in their common trajectory spark an exploration of the chaotic universe of love and the tumultuous emotions that follow suit.

  • Echolot

    A bunch of friends reunite for a weekend in a rural cabin to commemorate the one-year anniversary since a member of the gang committed suicide. Memories are still fresh and wounds are still raw as they try to come to terms with this tragic loss.

  • Computer Chess

    Andrew Bujalski, the guru of DIY cinema, turns the clock further back to the 80s, documenting an imaginary chess convention where chess maniacs battle primal computers, and then computers take turns outwitting each other!

  • Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

    Arvin Chen's second feature after ?Au Revoir Taipei?, deals with our innermost fears and desires, adding surreal touches on the main character's magic realist journey, where the scariest monster he has to defeat is none other than himself.

  • White Reindeer

    Christmas is approaching in icy Virginia and the delighted heroine, who loves this particular holiday to the point of distraction and has made a habit out of counting back the days, will have to brush Christmas wishes, presents and sparkly decorations aside to deal with the repercussions of a tragedy and radically reassess her entire life.

  • What Richard Did

    Up until yesterday, he was the most envied and popular teenager in his school. Gorgeous, athletic and clever, Richard was a first-class role model for any boy his age. A thoughtless act in the heat of the moment will cost him a lot more than his good reputation.

  • The Resurrection of a Bastard

    Ronnie is a ruthless gangster from Amsterdam, renowned for his highly imaginative and extremely violent professional tactics. A vacuum cleaner can be used to poke your eye out, while the image of a mother protecting her son will do little to dissuade him from sending her to the netherworld without so much as a second thought

  • The Dead and the Living

    Lending her energy-filled main character her own Romanian ancestry, Austrian filmmaker Barbara Alpert re-opens the burning issue of safeguarding historical memory and modern man's responsibility towards the past, the present and the future.

  • On the Job

    Inspired by a true story, Erik Matti weaves a labyrinthine web of corruption, professional ambition and unlawful means of survival against the urban jungle of metropolitan Manila.

  • Happy Slapping

    A group of affluent suburban kids escape their bored apathy by roaming the streets of the city in a night full of random violence.

  • Alienation

    Milko Lazarov's first feature film boasts a powerful concept and a brilliant cast, led by our very own Christos Stergioglou.