Athens International Film Festival

The Changeling

25/9/2018, 22:30, Odeon Opera 1

A widowed music composer rents an imposing mansion and soon realises that he is not the sole tenant: the house is haunted and the dead that reside there cannot find peace. Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg claim to be avid fans while the film is always included on lists of the best horror movies. This Gothic thriller by Peter Medak continues to be as chilling as ever and deserves its status as a classic. In attendance of the director 


CANADA | 1980 | COLOR | DCP | 107' | ENGLISH

A famous composer, who suffers due to the violent loss of his wife and daughter in a car accident, rents an old secluded mansion so that he can start his life afresh. This impressive building however is haunted and its dead are rather restless. A craftsman of atmosphere and of the masterful building of horror, Medak delivers one of the most important films in the cinematic mythology of haunted houses.

Based on true events, with an exceptional performance by Oscar-winning George C. Scott, «Changeling» clearly influ- enced films like «Poltergeist» and «The Others» and is considered to be one of the greatest horror films ever. Scorsese, Spielberg and Stephen King have expressed their great appreciation of the film. L.K.

DIRECTOR: Peter Medak
SCREENWRITER: Russell Hunter, Diana Maddox
DOP: John Coquillon
MUSIC: Rick Wilkins
EDITOR: Lilla Pedersen
PRINCIPAL CAST: George C. Scott, Trish Van Devere, Melvyn Douglas, John Colicos, Jean Marsh, Helen Burns, Madeleine Sherwood

Budapest-born Medak, 81, has directed a great number of TV plays, mini-series, films, operas and stage productions over the past 50 years of his directing career.

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