• Sexuality caught between private and public spheres

  • Yossi

    Ten years after "Yossi & Jagger", the enfant terrible of Israeli cinema reunites with the lovable leading man of his seminal film, documenting his efforts to get over the loss of his partner in a beatiful and exceptionally humane love story about bitter endings and sweet beginnings.

  • Yossi & Jagger

    "Yossi & Jagger", the Israeli filmmaker's debut, is a passionate and totally fearless love story between two soldiers that goes against all convention. Romance meets social drama in one of the most important films in contemporary Israeli cinema that turned Fox into an overnight sensation. Filmmaker in attendance Παρουσία του σκηνοθέτη

  • Walk On Water

    A Mossad agent, a Nazi criminal and a well-kept secret. Two men embark on a journey through the Israeli mainland that will test their strength and overturn audience expectations. Israel's most acclaimed filmmaker transforms this road movie into a mystery thriller that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Filmmaker in attendance

  • Cupcakes

    Six friends record a song that's chosen to participate in the UniverSong competition, without them knowing. Eytan Fox' most recent film is a feelgood music comedy with an Almodovar-like touch, full of humor and absurd plot twists that begs for a high score!

  • The Bubble

    A love story between an Israeli and a Palestinian, who despite racist behaviors and wartime conflict, choose to live together, cut off from the harsh reality that surrounds them. A daring romantic comedy that puts a different perspective on a taboo subject. Filmmaker in attendance

  • Time Off - Gotta Have Heart

    'Time Off': In the director's film debut, a soldier explores his sexual identiy in his off time. 'Gotta Have Heart': An anthology film that tranforms the concerns, the fears and the dreams of a small town community into a beautiful merry-go-round of human behavior.