Heaven's Gate

29/9/2016, 18:00, Greek Film Archive

It had a notoriously difficult shoot, drove one of the biggest Hollywood studios to the ground and condemned its Academy award-winning director to disrepute. The most cursed film in the history of American cinema, however, is a monumental masterpiece, which revisits some of the most undignified pages of recent history to recount the true events of the extermination in cold blood of a large number of immigrants by the big land barons in 19th century Wyoming. The film will be screened for the first time in Greece in its final, digitally restored director’s cut version. Free entrance

Director: Michael Cimino
Screenwriter: Michael Cimino
DoP: Vilmos Zsigmond
Music: David Mansfield
Editors: Lisa Fruchtman, Gerald Greenberg, William Reynolds, Tom Rolf
Principal Cast: Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken, Isabelle Huppert, Jeff Bridges, John Hurt

USA | 1980 | Color | DCP | 216' | English