Where Υou're Μeant to Βe

22/9/2017, 19:30, Odeon Opera 1 (P)
23/9/2017, 19:15, Odeon Opera 2

Aidan Moffat, singer of Arab Strap, travels through the Scottish countryside covering traditional songs of his homeland until the legendary folk singer, Sheila Stewart, tries to stop him, citing a need to defend their cultural heritage. And so starts a magical and often hilarious, yet deeply touching, musical road movie which is often intercut by stories of simple people and the joy and sadness in their lives, a great source of inspiration for the musicians' lyrics. Director in attendance

Where You're Meant To Be

Aidan Moffat, frontman of indie rockers Arab Strap and prominent figure of Glasgow’s music scene, travels through Scotland covering traditional songs of his country, in the belief that with the appropriate lyrical interventions they can reach a new generation. At the other end of the spectrum stands legendary folk singer Sheila Stewart who defends passionately the idea that the songs and their musical heritage should not be meddled with.

This is the way a magical road movie about music begins, shining a light on people’s everyday stories and touching upon the joys and sorrows that inspired the songs’ lyrics. “Where You’re Meant To Be” is a tender, hilarious at times but most importantly deeply humane and emotional film that deals with music and death in a metaphysical but nonetheless absolutely grounded manner. Director in attendance

Director: Paul Fegan
Screenwriters: David Arthur, Paul Fegan
DoP: Julian Schwanitz
Music: Stevie Jones, Jenny Reeve, Michael John McCarthy
Editor: David Arthur
Featuring: Aidan Moffat, Sheila Stewart

UK | 2016 | Color | DCP | 76' | English