Athens International Film Festival

27th Athens International Film Festival: International Competition Awards

The international awards GOLDEN ATHENA BEST FILM and BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM are accompanied by a cash prize of 2000 Euros and the statuettes are kindly sponsored by ZOLOTAS jewellery stores. Our juries also present the CITY OF ATHENS BEST DIRECTOR and BEST SCREENPLAY awards, while the GREEK FILM CRITICS’ ASSOCIATION AWARD and the FISCHER AUDIENCE AWARD are also presented to films of the International Competition section.


The jury of the International Competition of the 27th Athens International Film Festival was made up of:  
BABIS MAKRIDIS, Director and Screenwriter (President) 
DINA IORDANOVA, Film Historian 
TITUS KREYENBERG, Executive Producer

Golden Athena Award 

In the jury’s own words:

“The jury was impressed by the acting, the mise en scene and the way the camera tenderly portrays such a cruel reality in this unforgettable and breathtaking journey through a region where hope is but a glimmer. Set in a remote place, this film takes us on a cinematic roller-coaster of emotions telling the story of a little girl and her mother fighting for survival”. 

City of Athens Best Director Award
Tatiana Huezo for the movie PRAYERS FOR THE STOLEN 

In the jury’s own words:

“The award for best director goes to a filmmaker who takes us into a terra incognita, a world without rules, laws and hope, but not a world without love. We came out of this brave film breathless and mesmerized by the gentle way the filmmaker interacts with the characters in her attempt to tell their stories.”

Best Screenplay Award
Yujiro Harumoto for the movie A BALANCE

In the jury’s own words:

“This script virtuously combines the making of a documentary with events that affect the documentarian in real life. Truth and lies blur in a continuous interplay. The ongoing juxtaposition between media process and real life shapes the complexity of decisions continuously faced by the protagonists.”

Fischer Audience Award
GREAT FREEDOM by Sebastian Meise

In the words of Alexandros Baltatzis, Marketing Manager Fischer and International Brands:

“It is with great pleasure that we are here again, together with all of you who love the 7th art form and support the wonderful events that promote it. Fischer, the most cinephile beer, for the fourth consecutive year was present and tastefully accompanied this great celebration of the 7th art form, helping the public to make known, with their vote, the films that most stood out to them. I am particularly pleased to be here tonight, representing Fischer, which has supported the largest film festivals in Greece for more than ten consecutive years. It is very important for us, that we, along with the audience, become an integral part of a cinematic journey that awakens emotions in viewers, introducing them to new worlds. A warm applause and many congratulations to all the directors and crew! We are proudly by your side!”

Greek Film Critics Association Award
GREAT FREEDOM by Sebastian Meise

In the words of the Greek Film Critics Association: 
“For the power of the contemporary directorial gaze on the timeless social commentary on the subject of imprisonment, for the sensitivity and liberating presence of love as an independent force beyond distinctions, for the clever use of editing to highlight the different periods of history and for the use of the language of film in its entirety, ie photography, sound and excellent performances”.



The jury of the International Documentaries Competition section of the 27th Athens International Film Festival was made up of: 

MARCO GASTINE, Documentary director and producer (President)
KATRINE KIILGAARD, Director of Education at CPH:DOX
NOÉ MENDELLE, Director and Producer 
ARIS CHATZISTEFANOU, Journalist and Director

Golden Athena Best Documentary Award
FAYA DAHI by Jessica Beshir 

In the words of the jury:

“The jury was in complete agreement that the film was chosen for its arresting and mesmerising cinematographic quality, navigating us through its different moods without ever undervaluing its content. We are confronted with a hidden reality to entice the audience to re-evaluate the reality of people wanting to migrate, frozen in a state of endless waiting.”

Special Mention
COW by Andrea Arnold 

In the words of the jury:

“After a lengthy and rich conversation, the jury decided to award a Special mention to a strong directorial voice who succeeds in turning a visual poem into a creative campaign tool offering a transformative experience.”

The statuettes of the Golden Athena for Best Film and Best Documentary Film awards were designed by Giorgos Sepetzoglou and are kindly sponsored by ZOLOTAS jewellery stores. 

    Publication date: 2021-10-03 11:56:19