The Overcoat

28/9/2016, 17:45, Danaos 2

An elderly storekeeper decides to treat himself to a new overcoat and a tailor goes back to work to make his friend’s dream come true. Based on Nikolai Gogol’s short story of the same name, this moving film is the rare artistic meeting, as well as the swan song, for two great actors: Dinos Iliopoulos and Vassilis Diamantopoulos. Free entrance

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Director: Nikos Triandafyllidis
Screenwriters: Nikos Triandafyllidis, Evgenia Lyroudia
DoP: Yiannis Kotrotsis
Music: Blaine Reininger
Editor: Fani Ziozia
Principal Cast: Dinos Iliopoulos, Vassilis Diamantopoulos, Panagiotis Thanasoulis, Despina Kourti, Michelle Valley, Kostas Gkousgkounis

Greece | 1997 | Color | Digital Screening | 80' | Greek