24th Athens International Film Festival


Seven years after winning the Camera D'Or with his ingenious "Reconstruction", Christoffer Boe returns with a powerful psychological thriller about overworked screenwriter Yacob, whose life takes an unexpected turn, when he accidentally runs over a pedestrian with his car. Rushing to check on the victim, he discovers he had been carrying snapshots implicating the Danish government in a major scandal. But one should not assume from this simple storyline that "Everything Will Be Fine" follows any sort of linearity; with a structure following a logic of its own, Boe's film leaves it up to the viewers to put together the pieces of a seemingly ever-changing puzzle. Frantically paced and featuring a powerful performance by Jens Albinus, "Everything Will Be Fine" toys with conspiracy theories and leads spectators to intriguing, labyrinthine paths. And should you ever think that you've spotted the answer to the riddle, remember that in Boe's films things are rarely what they seem.



Σκηνοθεσία / Director:Christoffer Boe

Σενάριο / Screenwriter:Christoffer Boe

Φωτογραφία / DoP:Manuel Alberto Claro

Μουσική/ Music:Sylvain Chauveau

Μοντάζ/ Editor:Peter Brandt

Ηθοποιοί/ Principal Cast:Jens Albinus, Marijana Jankovic, Ozlem Saglanmak. Nicolas Bro, Paprika Steen ,Soren Malling,, Olaf Heine Johannessen Henning Moritzen, gor Rado