Athens International Film Festival

The 27th event of the festival will take place in its usual indoor venues, open all year round, ATHENS CONCERT HALL, IDEAL, DANAOS, TRIANON but also for the first time at the MUNICIPAL THEATRE OF PIRAEUS and the open-air cinemas LAIS - the Greek Film Archive Foundation,  RIVIERA, FLERY and STELLA. 

At indoor venues, open all year round, (Athens Concert Hall, Danaos, Ideal, Trianon and Municipal Theatre of Piraeus) according to the current health protocols admission will be granted to: 

- those who are  vaccinated  
- those who have recovered from Covid-19 (the diagnosis must have been made in the last 6 months)  
- those who are unvaccinated and have received a negative rapid antigen test result in the last 48 hours.  

Members entering a venue will need to show the following: 

- a ticket 
- a vaccination / recovery certificate or a negative rapid  test result 
- The negative rapid antigen test result  (from the last 48 hours)  
- proof of identity via ID card, passport or driving license.  



Film Passes and Film Passes for people with disabilities for the 27th Athens International Film Festival (22nd September - 3rd October) go on sale on Wednesday 8th September.


a. Types of Film Passes 

Festival viewers can purchase Film Passes that give them access to 5, 10 or 20 screenings for the price of €25, €45 and €70 accordingly, subject to availability. 

* Film Passes can not be used for online screenings through the Festival's digital platform.
​** Those who purchase a 20-screening Film Pass will also receive a single person invitation to the Festival’s Opening Ceremony which will take place on Wednesday 22nd September 2021 at the Athens Concert Hall. Holders of a 20-screening Film Pass will receive the invitation via email at the address given when purchasing the Film Pass. 

*** Film Pass holders CANNOT attend a screening simply by showing their Film Pass. A zero-fee ticket must first be issued using the number on the Film Pass. 

b. Ticket Presales 

From Wednesday 8th September 2021 at 12:00 

- Online at and at physical points of sale across the Viva network of stores (paying by card or in cash) and 
- via telephone on Viva’s 11876 line 

c. Reservations  

Film Passes can be reserved for up to 2 hours to be purchased in cash at a physical point of sale. 

d. Issuing of tickets for film pass holders 

With the use of a unique code, film pass holders have the right to redeem their screenings with zero-fee tickets from Thursday 16th September at 12:00 for any ticket-based screenplay they wish, regardless of the day and time of the screening (except for the screenings of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies ). 

Individual Film Passes can be used to redeem any number of tickets needed for the same screening. 

* Film Pass holders have the option of a plastic printed pass bearing their name. The pass can be picked up at any of the Festival’s collaborating cinemas of their choice. Film Pass holders (of 5, 10 or 20 screenings) who wish to have their film pass printed will need to send an email with the subject FILM PASS to by attaching proof of purchase of the relevant Film Pass along with the collaborating cinema they wish to pick their card up from.  


People with disabilities can attend any of the Festival’s screenings for free with the use of a 5-screening Film Pass (subject to availability) while cinephile guide dogs are also welcome.  

- disability culture card (Greek Ministry of Culture) 
- disability travel pass (Athens Mass Transit System) 
- disability unemployment card (Manpower Employment Organization) 
- deaf/hard-of-hearing union card or any other relevant documentation 

The Film Pass for disabled people must strictly be used by the person it is issued to and grants its holder, using the unique code on the pass, the right to have one zero-fee ticket issued per screening for any 5 screenings (with the exception of the opening ceremony), throughout the duration of the Festival and depending on ticket availability. 

Entry to screenings will be granted with the presentation of a zero-fee ticket and the Film Pass. 

In the case of the disabled person requiring a companion, two applications for a Film Pass for disabled people must be made simultaneously and the reason for the companion will need to be explained.  

The unique code of the Film Pass for disabled people will be sent via email from to the email specified by the person making the application.   


From Wednesday 8th September interested parties can send an e-mail to with contact details (name, mobile phone, email address) to have a 3-screening film pass issued. A copy of an up-to-date Unemployment Card will need to be attached to the email.  

Unemployment card holders are entitled to 1 pass with 3 unique codes which correspond to 3 free tickets. Each code can be used to have a ticket issued for a same-day or next-day screening as in the case of accreditations. 


Accredited film pass owners can ONLY have a zero-fee ticket issued on the day of the screening or the day before the screening of their choice. 

Journalist Accreditations: A pass with a unique code that corresponds to 5 Festival screenings. Using the unique code, the accredited Film Pass holder can issue tickets for the screenings of his / her choice both online, through as well as at all physical points of sale. Accredited Film Pass holders are not allowed to have more than one ticket issued per screening.  

Accredited and Unemployed Film Pass holders, who can only have tickets issued for same-day or next-day screenings, can commence redeeming their zero-fee tickets as of  Thursday 23rd September at 12.00 and thereafter daily from 11.00 am. 



Screenings at venues: 6 Euros 
Online platform screenings: 3 Euros 

For any issues regarding your ticket or your Film Pass (for venue screenings) you can contact customer service via live chat or email at


Audience members can use their credit / debit cards to purchase their tickets online as of September 16th, 2021 at 12:00, when presales for the Festival will commence from:  

- from the relevant (app) by choosing the AIFF  event for the screenings of their choice.  

Electronic tickets can either be printed or shown via their mobile phones.  

From September 23rd 2021, physical points of sale will also include the box offices of the cinemas collaborating with the Festival but only for the screenings taking place at the respective cinema. 

- Each cinema venue can only issue tickets for screenings taking place at the same venue.  
- One hour before and up to the start of each screening, each cinema box office will issue tickets only for same-day screenings. 
- Tickets CANNOT be changed. 
- Ticket cancelations are permitted online through up until an hour before the screening start time, for the film for which the original ticket was purchased. Ticket cancellations at cinema box offices are permitted up until an hour before the screening start time. It is imperative that the ticket holder present the ticket to be cancelled at the box office of the cinema for which it was issued. 
-  Online ticket sales end 15 'before the start of each film. In the last 15 minutes before the start of each film, tickets are only available from the cinema box office where the film is to be screened.  
- Cinema box offices open an hour before the first screening.


Due to the special circumstances of this year’s event,, there will be NO physical Press Office.  

For any information about the programme and events of the 27th Festival event or for ticket issues of online( or venue-based screenings you can contact: 

- The Festival’s call centre Monday - Saturday between 11:00 and 18:00 on the following telephone numbers:  2103634243 and 2103641543
- Our Online chat via the Festival’s official social media pages: Facebook Page | Instagram 


Furthermore, to better accommodate viewers and their safety, the 27th Athens International Film Festival, and in collaboration with Festival Scope and Shift 72, will supplement its program with a series of online screenings on a purpose-built digital platform ( where viewers from all over Greece will be able to enjoy films from the safety of their homes. 

More specifically, the digital platform is included once more in this year’s event for viewers (medically vulnerable, caretakers or other people who work in close proximity to medically vulnerable people, people living outside of Athens etc.) who would not otherwise be able to attend the festival by securing  a certain number of geo-blocked screenings, adhering to all safety standards and to a high level of digital interaction matching the standards successfully set by other major international festivals. 

In the event that the pandemic conditions render it necessary, the platform in question will also be able to facilitate the digital fulfillment of side events of the 27th ATHENS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL such as masterclasses, conversations, introductions of films by their directors and Q&A sessions with them as well as a wide range of interactions with the audience, all adapted  to this online environment. 

Following a ticket purchase and from the moment a viewer begins the streaming process (by pressing play) they will have 24 hours to watch the film. 


The venues collaborating with the Festival this year for the screening of its films are:  


109 Kifissias Ave, Athens 
23rd September to 3rd October 
Tel. 2106922655

45 Panepistimiou, Athens 
23rd September to 3rd October
Tel. 2103826720  

(the corner of) 21 Kodrigktonos  & 101 Patission, Athens 
23rd September to 3rd October
Tel. 2108215469  

32 Ir. Politechniou 32 Ave., Piraeus  
26th September 
Tel. 2104143310


Zappion Gardens, Athens 
23rd September to 29th September 
Tel. 2103369300

46 Valtetsiou, Athens 
23rd September to 3rd October 
Tel. 2103844827 

34 Tenedou, Athens 
23rd September to 3rd October 
Tel. 2108657200 

LAIS - the Greek Film Archive Foundation
(the corner of) 48 Iera Odos & Megalou Alexandrou 
24th September to 3rd October (not on 29/9) 
Tel. 2103609695 

Skippi 5-7, Kallithea  
29th September to 3rd October  
Tel. 210958 5774 

The detailed schedule of the 27th Athens International Film Festival will be presented at the PRESS CONFERENCE which will take place on Wednesday 15th September 2021 at the open air cinema AEGLI ZAPPEIOU at 20:30 and will be streamed live  though the Festival’s social media accounts. 

The 27th Athens International Film Festival will take place between 22nd September and the 3rd October. 

For updates and more information tune into the sites of and and the relevant social media pages: Facebook AIFFInstagramTwitter.  

The 27th Athens International Film Festival is affiliated with the PEP Attiki 2014 – 2020 and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.   


The 27th Athens International Film Festival takes place under the auspices of and with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.  . 


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