Athens International Film Festival

Monday 27th September

“Been there - Short that: Short Films - Long Journeys”
Secrets and advice from short films’ journeys to great international film festivals.

WORKSHOP In collaboration with Creative Europe Media and Greek Film Center.

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Wouter Jansen

Wouter was the head of programming at Go Short - International Film Festival for 10 years. In 2013 he started sales and festival distribution company Some Shorts, which changed to Square Eyes in 2019: with it, he represents bold, author-driven features and shorts, collaborating closely with the filmmakers. This has resulted in a small catalogue of films premiering and winning awards at festivals such as Cannes, TIFF, Berlin, Locarno and Clermont-Ferrand. Wouter has been giving lectures at Le Fresnoy, HEAD Geneva and Netherlands Film Academy as well as moderating and leading workshops at festivals like IDFA, Locarno, True/False, Winterthur and others.

Fani Skartouli, Producer

Fani studied law and worked as a lawyer with international law firms in Brussels, Paris and Athens. She joined the field of film production in 2016. Her short film productions “Postcards from the End of the World” and “Mom’s Movie” have been selected and awarded in numerous international film festivals. She is a Berlinale Talents alumna and an EAVE Producers Network and European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA) member.

Konstantinos Antonopoulos, director

Konstantinos Antonopoulos studied computer science at the Athens University of Economics and Business, and film at Columbia University of New York. His latest short Postcards from the End of the World (2019) received several awards at festivals worldwide. He is a Berlinale Talents, Less Is More and First Films First, Oxbelly, European Short Pitch and SNF-Artworks alumnus.

WEBINARS ιn collaboration with Metropolitan College

Tuesday 28th September
Film Music & Sound Design

Wednesday 29th September
Novel - Script - The big screen

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Thanos Papadellis, Film Composer, BA (Hons) Professor of Music Production & Technology
Thanos Papadellis is a composer - arranger - and sound engineer specialized in music in film. He has over 18 years of teaching experience and has worked with multiple institutions, such as IEK Akmi, Mousiki Spoudi, Vocalis, and more. He has composed music and performed sound design for films (short and feature films), television commercials, an animated series, documentaries, theatre, shows and performances at the Eugenides Foundation. He has released a cd of his personal work titled “Images of blue memories” and is in the process of recording another. He has also been awarded in festivals and composition contests.

Giannis Baskozos, Programme Leader for ΜΑ Creative Writing, author, director of “O Anagnostis” magazine

Giannis Baskozos was born in Athens in 1952. He studied Maths at the University of Athens and concerned himself with cultural theory. He concluded his PhD at the Department of Humanitarian Studies of the University of Athens. He then worked as a journalist at the “Express” newspaper, “Oikonomikos Tahidromos”, “Vima” and more. He was the director of the bibliographic magazine “Diavazo” from 2006 up until the magazine’s termination in 2012 and was editor in chief at the anglophone magazine “Hellenic Quarterly”. In 2013 he founded and still runs the book dedicated magazine “O Anagnostis”. He has published the following short stories: “MEZ”, “Who still listens to jazz?” and “Mets Stories”.

Christos Kithreotis, MA Creative Writing Professor, Writer (State Literary Award)

Christos Kithreotis was born in 1979 in Nicosia and grew up in Athens, where he studied law, lives and works till this day. He was awarded first prize at the short story competition of Pataki Editions for new writers (2007), as well as the corresponding British Council competition (2009). His short stories have been published in collective tomes and literary magazines such as “(de)kata”, “Entefktirio” and “The Books Journal”. His reviews have been hosted by the “Efimerida ton Syntakton” and “The Books Journal”. His first book, a collection of short stories titled “Mia hara”, was published by Pataki Editions, for which he received the State Award for Best Newcomer Author in 2015 (ex aequo with Maria Fili). His second novel “Ekei pou zoume” (Pataki Editions) has been widely praised. He works as a curator in one of the largest publishers in Greece.

Sotiris Goritsas, Film Director

Sotiris Goritsas was born in Athens in 1955. He studied Economics at the Athens University of Economics and Business and conducted his film studies in London. He has directed multiple documentaries for ET-1, specifically for the shows “ΕRT in Northern Greece” and “Periscope”. He has also directed the feature films “Ap’ to Hioni” (1993), “Valkanizater” (1997), “Brazilero” (2001), “Parees” (2007) and “Ap’ ta kokkala vgalmena” (2011).


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