The objective

The Athens International Film Festival is all about supporting independent film production and demonstrating its complexity and versatility. 

Main guidelines

The Competition Sections will include, but will not be limited to the following films:

1. Selected Films will be placed in the appropriate program by the Festival’s Film Selection Members in coordination with the filmmakers.

2. The awarded film will be selected by the Jury on the basis of quality and originality.

3. The Jury is predominately comprised of film professionals of various capacities. Jury may also included non-film related personalities (eg. music composers, journalists, literature authors) that have showcased true passion for cinema and/or relevant knowledge.

4. The Festival’s Film Selection Department accepts secure online links for the selection process.

5. The screeners should be in their original language with English or Greek Subtitles, if the original language is not Greek or English.

6. The submission deadline for Greek Short Stories progrma is the 13th of July. The Festival is not obliged to view late entries.

7. The Festival will not consider trailers for selection purposes.

8. The Festival will not consider films produced prior to 12 months of each coming festival edition.

9. The Festival will consider films only of the following formats: DCP.

10. The Festival will only consider films that have not been available on the Internet. The Festival will not consider films submitted to previous editions of the Festival.


Athens International Film Festival is totally against any sorts of film piracy and takes all the necessary precautions in order to protect the creator’s work. Access to the submitting materials (Screeners & Entry forms) is permitted only to the members of the programming department, print traffic Coordinator and our subtitling department. No duplication or loaning is allowed.

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