24th Athens International Film Festival


In 2039 American astronaut Lee Miller leaves on a mission to determine whether a space station, which had been left deserted for two decades, can still meet the criteria of being operational once more. When he loses contact with Earth, he will be left alone in space; as time goes by, everyday life loses its meaning and madness looms. Lee, struggling to survive and remain sane in a claustrophobic nightmare, will make a discovery that will completely change the game. With its stylistic excellence, its multi-dimensional narrative and its dream-like soundtrack by the super stars of American rock, Angels & Airways (who also serve as producers), “Love” is a film that easily lures the audience into its audiovisual world. The debut by William Eubank, although partly shot in his parents’ yard, is a sci-fi manifesto on loneliness and love in people’s lives, a film that stands proudly next to films like “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Solaris” and the recent “Moon”.

Love - Αγάπη by NyxtesPremieras

Director: William Eubank

Screenwriter: William Eubank

DoP: William Eubank

Music: Angels and Airwaves

Editor: Brian Berdan, Scott Chestnut

Principal Cast: Gunner Wright, Bradley Horn, Corey Richardson

Country: USA

Year: 2011

Running Time: 90’

Language: English