• Woody Allen: A Documentary

    Thanks to Robert Weide's comprehensive documentary about the life and times of Allan Konigsberg (Woody Allen's real name) - from 30s Brooklyn and his stand-up comedy routines to worldwide acclaim and the Academy Awards for 'Annie Hall' and 'Manhattan' - we get the chance to relive some of this merry prankster's best moments. Despite his well-documented anthropophobia and time weighing heavily on his shoulders, Woody Allen is still the soul of the party, telling stories and making jokes about his childhood years, his school, his films and his outdated working methods.

  • Room 237

    If Stanley Kubrick is still considered one of the most eccentric and legendarily fastidious filmmakers who ever lived, then the same can be said of his fans. In this ingenious documentary, Rodney Ascher explores the different theories that have been developed over the years by film buffs and academics around his ultimate masterpiece, "The Shining".

  • Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

    This bombastic documentary follows Ai Weiwei, the most influential contemporary artist in China today, in his longtime effort to expose the cruelty that lies beneath the democratic façade of the Chinese government. The man behind the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium – by all accounts an architectural wonder - turns his back on his own accomplishments and is photographed giving the hypocritical Chinese authorities the proverbial finger, taking action as a political activist in a totally hostile environment.

  • Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present

    The documentary "Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present" focuses on her 2010 MoMA retrospective in New York, where the eccentric artist basically exhibited herself, by sitting still in a chair for 7 ½ hours straight, without drinking, eating or going to the bathroom. For the duration of a month, 750.000 people sat across from her and got lost in the eyes of the 63-year-old grandmother of performance art, as she has taken to calling herself.

  • The Source

    At the beginning of the 70s, a mysterious man with a shady past showed up in Los Angeles to set the foundations for a religious cult that managed to attract a large number of California youths, who embraced the communal living in an effort to revive the hippie utopia of the 60s.

  • The Queen of Versailles

    Welcome to one of the biggest houses in America, made in the image of the Palace of Versailles, even if its 90.000m2 are only meant to house one family, Jackie, David and their eight children. Jackie, a former Miss Florida, is enjoying the high life provided by her multi-millionaire husband David Siegel, who also happens to be 31 years her senior.

  • Dreams of a Life

    In January 2006, the decomposing body of 38-year-old Joyce Vincent was found in her North London bedsit, next to a pile of half-opened Christmas gifts and a blaring TV set, still on three years after her death. Using this news item as a starting point - which by the way wasn't even accompanied by a single photograph - British filmmaker Carol Morley composes the pieces of a mysterious puzzle by tracking down ex-boyfriends, friends and colleagues from the young woman's past.

  • Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir

    Less a documentary and more an in-depth interview to his close friend and collaborator Andrew Braunsberg, "Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir" stretches from the filmmaker's childhood in Poland to his recent unexpected arrest in Zurich while he was on his way to receive an award from a local festival.

  • Meet the Fokkens

    Ιdentical twins Louise and Martine Fokkens are two jolly septuagenarian Dutch ladies, with half a century of experience at Amsterdam's Red Light District behind them. Trailblazers in their chosen profession, they managed to break free from their pimps and claim their independence by starting their own brothel and the first unofficial prostitutes trade union.

  • Bully

    What happens when the school bus is synonymous to purgatory and the courtyard is plain hell? 13 million children will become victims of bullying in the US alone and will be forced to grow up a lot faster than God and "civilized" society intended.