• Faith, Love and Whiskey

    Sunrise finds Neli feeling suffocated under a New York highrise, as she watches her own American Dream fade away. Terrified by the prospect of a conventional life, she flees back to her native Bulgaria and reunion with her drifter friends for a taste of freedom. Her love affair with best friend Val will restore some of her lost energy and remind her what it's like to be alive.

  • Eden

    The real-life story of a second generation Asian-American kidnapped by sex traffickers and held captive for three years. Up-and-comer Megan Griffiths explores the psyche of an innocent victim in a devastating piece of realitybased filmmaking that avoids emotional outbursts in favor of exploring the moral ambiguity that governs her every chance at survival.

  • Teddy Bear

    38-year-old Dennis is built like a house. At first sight he's a monstrously muscular bodybuilding champion, with biceps bigger than a baby's head, but deep down he's just a child trapped in man's body. He lives with his domineering mother, whose unbreachable defences forbid anyone from invading their lives. Living with her is like being in prison.

  • Gimme the Loot

    Adam Leon's confident directorial debut lovingly transports us to some of the few N.Y. neighbourhoods that still belong to their residents. From the Bronx all the way to Queens, far removed from glossy Manhattan, Malcolm and Ginnie roam the streets, tagging walls and bridges and staking their own claim on the life of the city that never sleeps.

  • Avalon

    Every party will one day come to an end. That's one of life's most commonly accepted facts, but 60-year-old Janne refuses to accept the inevitable. Stuck in the glory days of the 80s, he still claims to be a club promoter, with Avalon – a luxury nightclub – posing as his latest undertaking. When his immaturity brings him face-to-face with the responsibilities he's been systematically avoiding, the results are nothing short of devastating.

  • An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

    Terence Nance describes his film as a journey of self-realization through the experience of love. In reality, his first attempt at a full-length feature is a sweet and painful adventure that's more accurately described as an experience rather than a conventional narrative.

  • Sister

    The successor of the Dardenne brothers is here: Ursula Meier, in her second feature, reveals a social sensibility and a discreet look usually encountered in the award-winning Belgians' oeuvre. In "Sister", Simon supports his Swiss household and his 25-year-old sister by stealing from wealthy holidaymakers at a nearby ski resort.

  • One Night

    Desperate youths Raul and Elio see their sweaty dreams slip further and further away from them in the sultry Havana backstreets. Living in extreme poverty, the only money they make comes from an eatery for loaded tourists. After an accident sees Raul wanted by the police, the hot-headed teenager decides it's high time to take the leap and cross the 90 miles of ocean that separate him from Miami, like he's always wanted.

  • Mushrooming

    Estonian politician Aadu is on a mushroom-picking expedition with his wife, when he suddenly receives a phone call by a journalist who's accusing him of charging his holiday on his expense account. The couple is soon joined by Zäk, a drunk rock star they find lurking at a gas station.

  • Young and Wild

    When you're 17 you want to explore everything: visit new places, experience new bodies, love different people. But what happens when your curiosity is never satisfied? Daniela is a 17-year-old girl from Chile, who wants to know everything there is to know about sex.