• V/H/S

    "V/H/S", the anthology thriller that haunted festivals across America, is a compilation of prime fright courtesy of the new generation of indie horror helmers across the Atlantic. The tale slowly unfolds when a stranger hires a gang to break into a deserted country home in order to retrieve a VHS tape.

  • The Pact

    It's late at night and you're alone at your parents' house for your mother's funeral. You're on Skype with your daughter, when she suddenly jumps up: "Mom, who's that standing behind you?" she asks. You turn around, but there's no one there. It's your one chance to get the hell out, but you let it pass you up. Soon after, you see the refrigerator door open and broken glass strewn all over the floor.

  • Juan of the Dead

    Let's say you're in Havana de Cuba and the streets are filled with undead vermin looking to suck your blood and devour your flesh. Enter stage left a band of outsiders who would much rather drink themselves stupid than chase down zombies with machetes, but they do it anyway. Add a dash of political criticism against the Castro regime, stir, and you've got yourself the hottest zombie comedy of the year.

  • Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal

    Lars Olafssen, a once famous avant-garde Danish painter, is now suffering from the same ailment that haunts artists the world over: lack of inspiration. Hoping to turn a new leaf, he takes a teaching position at a Fine Art School in a Canadian town in the middle of nowhere, but little does he know he's about to meet his muse in the face of a good-natured giant, who's something of a simpleton.

  • Grabbers

    What could possibly be funnier that a village of drunken Irishmen trying to ward off an alien invasion? On Erin island, nothing seems to be capable of disturbing the peace of the local community, who split their time between their fishing boats and the neighborhood pub. Until a meteorite suddenly drops out of the sky, bringing some unwanted visitors along for the ride: a bunch of tentacled bloodthirsty beasts from outer space, whose only weakness is their alcohol intolerance!

  • Citadel

    Stuck in an elevator, young Tommy is helplessly watching his pregnant wife getting attacked by a bunch of kids. Nine months later, he's trying to raise his daughter on his own, no longer able to leave the house as the traumatic experience has left him crippled with agoraphobia attacks.