• Los Chidos

    The Gonzales family try hard to hold on to their beautiful Latino traditions of misogyny and homophobia. Proprietors of a tire repair junkyard, they spend all day watching TV, fondling each other, eating like pigs, drinking like fish and showing a general disregard for social conventions. The appearance of a tall, white Stranger in their midst tips the scales and their masks are shed to disastrous effect.

  • Graceland

    This year's sleeper hit comes by way of the Philippines, as we descend into the inner sanctum of corruption and lawlessness in the streets of Manila. Exploring the fine line between revenge and human depravity, "Graceland" is a slow-burning thriller that draws you in, sending chills down your spine. Marlon is Manuel Chango's personal chauffer, a well-respected member of the Filipino Congress.

  • Rent-A-Cat

    Sayoko – the closest thing to a Japanese "Amelie" – lives alone after the death of her beloved grandmother, and rents out cats to lonely people for a living. This simple premise is the base recipe for an unexpectedly feel-good film not coming to a theater near you anytime soon.

  • Keep the Lights On

    Far from being your typical boy meets boy story, this sensitive and - to a certain extend - autobiographical film by Ira Sachs, traces the passionate, meteoric and highly adventurous relationship between a young director and an equally young lawyer, as it unfolds after they make the decision to stay together and fight each other's demons, substance abuse and personal weaknesses.

  • Safety Not Guaranteed

    “WANTED: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before."

  • Between Us

    Two couples, one friendship, two different planets. Grace and Carlo are newlyweds. They live in New York, where up-and-coming photographer Carlo is the toast of the art world. Joel, an old college friend, has moved to the Midwest with his wife Sharyl and is reaping the rewards of a succesful career in advertising.

  • 38 Witnesses

    A young student is savagely murdered outside an apartment building, whose 38 tenants claim to have heard nothing. Until one of them decides to break his silence : on the night of the murder, he was woken by a blood curdling scream that was impossible to miss. Why didn't the poor girl's neighbors do anything to help?

  • Rubberneck

    Starring a 30something loner and the young object of his desire - a beautiful co-worker he once spent a romantic weekend with - the film tells the story of an escalating psychosis and its devastating aftermath as it spins out of control.

  • Yossi

    Ten years after 'Yossi and Jagger', a highly controversial release in his home country, Eytan Fox, the enfant terrible of Israeli cinema, returns with an unofficial sequel that focuses on the same thorny subject: the love between two men. A decade later, Yossi is no longer a soldier, he's a cardiologist struggling to forget the death of his partner, while they were still in the army.

  • Home for the Weekend

    Over a summer weekend, Guenther and Gitte, living in a luxurious house in the countryside, are enjoying a visit from their son Marko, who dropped in from Berlin. Marko is a budding author, while their other son Jacob has just opened a dental practice in the area. Life goes by in slow rhythms when their mother – a chronic manic depressive - fesses up to having stopped taking her meds.

  • Gayby

    Gayby (noun, blend of gay and baby): the baby of a gay person or couple. This is the kind of baby Jenn and Matt hope to have, without actually being a couple. Jenn is straight and Matt is gay. Best friends since college, they're both past 30 and feel ready to take the next step. But how easy is it to have sex with the sole intention of procreating?

  • See Girl Run

    What do you do if you're in your 30s and you wake up one day only to realize your marriage is in a rut? Some people would advise you to hang in there but Emmie has a different take on things: she packs her bags, walks out on her husband without any warning and moves back in with her parents, announcing her intentions to support her depressive brother Brandon at this difficult time.

  • Fat Kid Rules the World

    Can a tambourine roll and the thump of a kick drum change your life? Can a crunchy riff and a husky hook lift you up when you're down and out? Can a fat kid rule the world? In Seattle, the birthplace of grunge, two completely different teenagers attempt to channel their rage, hoping adult life will be better than this.

  • Coming Home

    A young woman is waiting at a bus stop. She's looking at the poster of a missing girl. The photograph is clearly of her, only 8 years younger. Gaëlle was kidnapped by a worker who had been keeping her locked up. Her kidnapper has just set her free, and she's now obliged to carve her own path. Gaëlle has to learn everything from scratch and how to live with her nightmares.

  • Beyond the Walls

    After a carefree night out on the town, young Paulo ends up in bed with handsome Ilir, marking the beginning of an affectionate courtship that will soon turn into a torrid affair and mutually addictive passion. Their relationship however is put to test when fate conspires to keep the two lovers apart.