• On the Road

    The emblematic beat manifesto is finally adapted for the big screen, courtesy of Walter Salles. Jack Kerouac's autobiographical novel recounts his and his friends' aimless wanderings, including poet Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady.

  • Cosmopolis

    David Cronenberg's latest effort sees Robert Pattinson embodying a young millionaire who embarks on a crosstown journey through the streets of New York in a stretch limo, making random acquaintances, having hot sex with Juliette Binoche and shooting people for no reason.

  • DEMOKRATIA, the Way of the Cross (work in progress)

    The May 6th elections were a historical moment for Greece and a real challenge to democracy. Τhe local filmmaking community, eager to contribute to the necessary soul-searching required by the times, documented the political (mis) conduct largely responsible for the state the country currently finds itself in.

  • Wild and Precious

    An Italian cinematographer finds himself in the midst of the Greek socio-political crisis. He returns home to Milan to his ex-wife, only to be drawn back to Athens, where an Australian TV producer hires his services as a maverick cinematographer.

  • Dogs, Cats & Rats

    Fall 2006 – Spring 2007. The city of Athens is in turmoil. Most higher education institutions are taken over by students as the government is adamant about the privatization of state-run universities. Protest marches abound and torched cars, bloody noses, police violence and trashed police stations are the order of the day.

  • Amnesia Diaries (work in progress)

    A woman discovers some forgotten Super 8 movies shot between 1985 and 1986 in Greece, Australia and Paris, when she was still a student. The films resurface in 2010, a period of personal loss that happens to coincide with the deepening of the credit crunch all over Europe.

  • Breakdown Reward

    Two German contract killers are hired to dig up a lost treasure. Things start to go wrong when the loot accidentally ends up in the hands of three small-time criminals committing a burglary in order to pay off a debt to Munir, a local crime lord.

  • Katerina Gοgou - Reinstating The Dark Side

    Katerina Gοgou lived her life like a flickering candle, wrote her radical poems and shared in other people's pain before she took a rock 'n roll dive into death at the beginning of the 90s. Gogou is remembered by people whose paths crossed her own, including actors, poets, political activists, directors, singers and songwriters.

  • They Glow in the Dark (work in progress)

    Michael and Jim are two middle-aged gay friends who have drifted apart for more than twenty years. When Michael finally tracks Jim down, he realizes his old friend has moved back in with his parents and is now unemployed and suffering from AIDS, his life literally in ruins.

  • Love

    The peaceful life of a loving older couple is suddenly interrupted when the passage of time eventually catches up with them and the semblance of death invades their upscale Parisian apartment.

  • My Blood

    What would the Oedipus myth be like if it was written today? The journey of a man towards conquering consciousness and the what, the why, and the how of true love. His only partner and guiding light in this strange quest is memory.

  • Attractive Illusion

    There's no shortage of fiction and non-fiction films about immigration, as the country strives to redefine its new state of multiculturalism. What sets "Attractive Illusion" apart is the fact that it's exclusively populated by immigrants, supported and adopted by the Nigerian community of Athens.

  • Savages

    Based on Don Winslow's nove, 'Savages' tells the story of Ben and Chon, two best buds who have made a killing from locally cultivated marijuana. The two don't just share the profits, they also share the same woman, Ophelia.

  • Zarafa

    One of the best animation films of the year, 'Zarafa' takes us all the way to Africa where a wise old man is telling the village kids the story of Maki. Maki is a little boy who escapes the clutches of slave traders and becomes best friends with Zarafa the giraffe.

  • Do Not Forget Me Istanbul

    This anthology film is made up of six 15min shorts dedicated to the city that used to dominate the East and the West for centuries.

  • Celeste & Jesse Forever

    Celeste and Jesse met in high school and got married young. They laugh at the same jokes, finish each other's sentences and they never get bored. So what's the problem? Apparently, they've decided to split up.

  • Lawrence Anyways

    35-year-old Lawrence lives in Canada in the 80s, teaching high school lit and living happily ever after with his girlfriend Fred. Everything is fine and dandy until one day, Lawrence announces that he wants to be a woman.

  • Ernest and Celestine

    There's a world where bears can drive, hold down jobs and go to school. In that same world, the subterranean sewage system is populated by mice who sneak into town at night and steal young cubs' teeth in order to supply their underground dental industry.

  • Monsieur Lazhar

    The peaceful everyday life of a Montreal grade school is interrupted when the students discover the body of their teacher after an apparent suicide. The local community is in shock and the position of the teacher remains vacant until a young Algerian immigrant applies for the job.

  • Barbara

    Barbara works as a doctor in a small East German town, all the while dreaming of her imminent escape to the West. Her dedication to her patients and an unexpected attachment to colleague André however create a serious dilemma.