• Short Stories A'

    An international selection of the best short films of the year.

  • Short Stories B'

    An international selection of the best short films of the year.

  • Out of Frame

    Empty frames with no meaning. A city out of frame. End Credits.

  • Dimitris Bitos

    A couple lives in a small village outside of Larissa. He is a retired musician. She does everything in her power to bring him back to life.

  • Dead Hearts

    A warrior falls in love with a witch and the two strike a deal: every time he kisses her, she gets a piece of his heart.

  • The Quiet Nights

    The clock strikes midnight. The turntable is spinning, the phone is ringing and the binoculars are working overtime.

  • Rod Dudley: An Australian Creates in Lombardy

    Rod Dudley is a citizen of the world. An Australian sculptor and pop art painter, he lives and works in Lombardy. A first introduction to his work triggers an around-the-world journey in an effort to retrace his steps.

  • 3rd Shoot_It Festival

    The first prize was awarded to Nikos Rakkas for the animated film "Common People (Like You)", starring playmobil figures.

  • Future Shorts

    The 18th Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights COSMOTE supports the FUTURE SHORTS festival, organised by distributor Filmtrade, a series of interactive screenings featuring the best short films from around the world, complemented by live performances and a host of talented actors taking center stage in this year's sidebar events.