• Sweet Smell of Success

    After a long and brilliant career in traditional English comedy, Alexander Mackendrick decided to move to the States in 1957 in order to make his US debut. Having enjoyed commercial and critical success with films like "The Man in the White Suit" and "The Ladykillers", the Scottish director came face to face with his most bitter filmmaking experience, as the deeply amoral "Sweet Smell of Success" only met with distaste by audience and critics alike.

  • The Firemen’s Ball

    The firemen in a small Czech town are feverishly preparing for their annual ball, where the former fire department director is scheduled receive an honorary award for his contribution. But even their best efforts are not enough to save them from embarrassment, as the prizes for the customary lottery disappear one by one, the Miss Fire- Department beauty contest candidates are neither willing nor particularly beautiful and a fire ends up wreaking havoc all over town.