• Joy of Man's Desiring

    What are the simple pleasures and hidden desires of someone who works at a factory, enslaved to the inhuman, repetitive pace of automated mass production? Canadian filmmaker Denis Côté (of the brilliant "Vic+Flo Saw a Bear") has proven his love for exposing the absurdity of everyday life that's a little too close to home.

  • Mercuriales

    In the working-class suburb of Bagnolet in northeastern Paris, there are two buildings inspired by the Twin Towers. One is called "East" and the other is called "West", collectively known as Mercuriales. A young security guard pays the two skyscrapers a visit before his first night on the job. At the same time, two girlfriends, one Moldavian and the other French, are wandering the desolate industrial landscape surrounding the derelict towers.

  • Journey to the West

    North-Korean Tsai Ming-liang always has a way of making film teeter on the edge. Only difference is, he does it effortlessly and the challenge he presents is anything but obvious, hideous and commercial.

  • The Laboratory Diaries: A Study on Human Adjustment - Focus on Yorgos Drivas

    The selected works comprising "The Laboratory Diaries: A Study οn Human Adjustment" are chronologically located at the beginning and the end of the last decade of Yorgos Drivas' work and depict his journey from fine to video art and cinema.