• Golfo in Epidaurus

    What's it like documenting the birth of a bona fide classic? How does it feel to film a play at the Ancient Theater at Epidaurus that was made to draw energy from the surrounding mountains? How do you film innocence lost?

  • Sam Roma - We Are Gypsies

    Roma is a mysterious people, whose identity is lost in the depths of time and faraway lands. The Greek Roma love to sing and dance and they're the biggest merry-makers you've ever seen.

  • Medea: Louder Than My Thoughts

    Based on the original play by Euripides, this unique adventure is set in the streets of Athens, where the director plays the role of detective. Throughout the investigation, we experience conversations with film theorists, directors and actors, while attending casting sessions and rehearsals.

  • The Green Prince

    Nadav Schirman's latest documentary tells a tale so hard to believe, even the creators of "Homeland" would go green with envy - not to mention it could easily pass for the most ambitious spy thriller of the year!

  • On the Way to School

    "We often forget how lucky we are to be going to school". The four main characters in this moving documentary make their own luck, defying all sorts of adversities to stake their claim on a better future, the promise of education, no matter how far they have to go to get it.

  • Dinosaur 13

    The unbelievable case of "Dinosaur 13" is the fascinating story of the trials and tribulations the protagonists of one of the greatest moments in history had to go through.

  • Excision

    Shot in Kenya in the Pokot Tribe region, ?Excision? examines the consequences of FGM (female genital mutilation) - a turning point in a woman's life - through a series of female portraits that demonstrate the effects of this action.

  • Mr. X

    Enigmatic, unpredictable, inaccessible yet incredibly talented and ingenious, Leos Carax constitutes an entire capital in the history of world cinema and this documentary is a small tribute to the French master.

  • Maidan

    "Maidan" signals Sergey Loznitsa's return to nonfiction, focusing on the anti-government rallies that took place in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in 2013 and 2014, culminating with the ousting on then-president Viktor Yanukovych.

  • Life Itself

    Roger Ebert was a seminal figure for film lovers everywhere and "Life Itself" manages to capture everything that made him stand out. His bottomless love of cinema will certainly reinvigorate yours!

  • Natural Resistance

    An intoxicating journey into fine wine, cinema and art, set against the magical landscapes of Tuscany and Piedmont in a friendly, flavorful and charming documentary.