• Hallelujah

    From Belgium with love. Based on the real-life story of the "Honeymoon Killers", a pair of doomed lovers that shocked the American media in the 40s with a series of gruesome murders, ""Hallelujah" is a devastating film on the limits of passion, the pleasure of crossing the line and the orgasmic pain of punishment.

  • Red Rose

    Within the historical context of the "Green Revolution" Sepideh Farsi recounts a love story between a politically complacent middle-aged man and a young activist, blending scripted scenes with devastating onthe- ground footage captured on cell phones during the unrest.

  • You're Sleeping Nicole

    Build on a loose, episodic structure with consistently stunning cinematography, a light-hearted mood and a wonderful turn by Julianne Côté as the titular Nicole, the hidden gem of the last Cannes Film Festival is casting humorous looks at the first inevitable responsibilities that come with being an adult.

  • Committed

    From Cyprus with love comes this combination of road movie and romantic comedy, proving that passion for film can overcome every obstacle.

  • The Heart Machine

    Ingeniously adopting the mechanisms of a mystery-thriller, Zachary Wigon's debut is an insightful and timely commentary on the contemporary social media frenzy.

  • Cheatin'

    Staying true to his handmade aesthetics, the king of indie animation embraces a multitude of cinematic references, without sacrificing his sense of humor, his unbridled imagination and his flair for bizarre plot twists, in this personal anthem to falling in love.

  • Appropriate Behavior

    Although she was born in New York, Shirin is unable to defend her bisexual identity in front of her conservative Persian family, something her ex-girlfriend Martine has a hard time comprehending.

  • Gold

    The outrageous potpourri of local characters turns into a breeding ground for hilarity, where even the slightest victory can tip the balance.

  • Rocks in my Pockets

    The first animated film to ever screen in competition at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is a brave attempt on Signe Baumane's part to confront the mental issues that have haunted most of the women in her family tree.

  • Catch me Daddy

    Merging his unparalleled aesthetics with the grittiness of the story, Daniel Wolfe delivers an impressive directorial debut that seeks beauty even in the darkest moments of this agonizing manhunt, an apt criticism on the destructive cultural conflicts in modern-day Britain.

  • Remake

    Lisa is obsessed with capturing everything on her camera and Martin has learned to leave with her eccentricities. But as the couple arrives in New York for a vacation, their relationship is put to the test when Martin makes repeated attempts to approach her and Lisa remains hidden behind her camera lens. Until a mysterious New Yorker invades her frame.