• Dégradé

    13 completely different women are trapped in a beauty salon when violence erupts in the streets of Gaza. A seemingly typical situation comedy cleverly turns into a rather unusual and very timely sociopolitical allegory. Screened in Cannes as part of the Critics' Week competition.

  • The Fire / El Incendio

    Lucía and Marcelo are young and in love. They have $100.000 in cash to pay for their dream home, but the real estate agent postpones the contract signing. How much will this delay affect their relationship? A high voltage drama unfolds in 24hrs.

  • The Wolfpack

    The must-see documentary of the season! Locked away in their apartment for years, seven siblings find refuge in recreating classic movie scenes, putting together costumes and sets and acting out every single part. The earth-shattering revelation of their everyday drama is beyond your wildest imagination.

  • Sleeping Giant

    Two reckless teenagers befriend a 15-year-old boy and challenge their own limits by doing everything they're not supposed to do, like smoke pot and look death in the eye. A provocative, skin-crawling observation of the teenage psyche that took this year's Critics Week by storm.

  • Above and Below

    A couple lives in an underground tunnel in Las Vegas. A man survives in the California desert, using empty bottles to communicate with God. A woman plans her trip to Mars. These are the inhabitants of our own post-apocalyptic civilization. A hybrid sci fi doc that will blow your mind! Filmmaker and producer in attendance

  • The Summer of Sangaile

    Vertigay in modern-day Lithuania. 17-year-old Shangaile loves stunt planes, but her fear of heights keeps her chained to the ground, until a chance encounter with Auste, a girl of the same age, triggers her sexual awakening. Love – especially at great heights – conquers all, big and small. World Cinema Directing award at Sundance.

  • You Are Ugly Too

    Can you picture Littlefinger from "Game of Thrones" as a no-good uncle with a heart of gold? Aidan Gillen plays a convict who's released early to care for his teenage niece. They move into a trailer in the Irish countryside and become the focus of a bitterswet dramedy that's as provocative as its title. Filmmaker in attendance

  • Labyrinth of Lies

    A devastating film based on a true story. In 1958 a young lawyer discovers that his neighbor is a former Nazi extermination camp commander and decides to bring him to justice. The first Auschwitz trial in Frankfurt created a chain reaction throughout an entire nation that refused to look reality in the eye.

  • How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)

    A kid gets mixed up with the mafia in modern-day Bangkok, trying to get his gay brother out of compulsory military service. Class issues, love and loss in a devastating story that highlights the end of innocence. The LGBT movie of the year that made waves at the last Berlinale.

  • Songs my Brothers Taught Me

    This year's most beautiful coming-of-age story captures the hardships of two siblings living in an Indian reservation after the death of their father. 18-year-old Johnny dreams of a life outside the community, but doesn't want to leave his sister behind with their alcoholic mother. Realism and sensitivity in a film that bewitched Sundance.

  • Dog Lady / La Mujer de los Perros

    Walking the fine line between reality and fiction, the camera follows a woman exploring the suburbs of Buenos Aires. On the edge of the city, where people are scarce, the seasons, the moods and a series of unexpected events melt into one another, bowing to the ultimate one-woman-show of the season.

  • Bridgend

    A local community stands helplessly by as the local youth are driven to suicide. The incredible yet true tragedy that still shrouds the Welsh town of Bridgend in a veil of mystery is reconstructed in a savagely poetic thriller about dead-end adolescence.