Athens International Film Festival

Athens International Film Festival

18 - 29 / 09 / 2019

Festival news

"Nova Lituania" and "Honeyland" won Golden Athena awards at the 25th Athens International Film Festival

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION AWARDS The jury of the International Competition section of the 25th Athens International Film Festival is composed of: Whit...

Kekatos, Gousis and Doganis are the big winners of the Greek film awards at the 25th Athens International Film Festival!

The awards ceremony took place at Danaos cinema, where the Festival's Artistic Director, Mr Loukas Katsikas, and Selection Coordinator of the Greek Short Stories in Competition section, Mr Panos Gkenas, welcomed the juries and participants and made way for...

"We Are Little Zombies": A band is formed 25th Athens International Film Festival

Four kids who don't know each other meet at their parents' funeral crematory and start a unique coming-οf- age journey. Nothing can prepare you for this crushing Japanese film about self-consciousness. Not the experimental Lynch and Aronofsky's touches...

Vincerò! Ron Howard's documentary about Pavarotti at the 25th Athens International Film festival

The idea of celebrity isn't something new but the last 60 years it has evolved and during this social media era it has taken some twisted turns .The most important is that of demolishing, the crushing reformism which attacks all sense (and sensibility) of what...

«Farewell»: From Sundance to the 25th Athens International Film Festival to the Oscars

It has won every audience prize it has encountered on its festival journey, starting with Sundance, placing its newcomer director on the list of most-wanted directors and is considered a favourite for the upcoming Academy Awards.

The Opening Ceremony of the 25th Athens International Film Festival

On Wednesday the 18th September the opening ceremony of the 25th Athens International Film Festival took place in a celebratory atmosphere at the PALLAS Theatre in the attendance of the festival's Artistic Director, Loukas Katsikas and the Mayor of Athens, Kostas...

David Crosby: A name you will remember!

Cameron Crowe has been meaning to dig up the Name heroes of his rock journalist childhood childhood for ages. He wanted Bowie, he wants Joni Mitchell, Elton John and finally he got maybe the `juiciest' of all: David Crosby, the legend of the two Rock `n' Roll Hall of Fames...

Celebration: The forbidden documentary about Yves Saint Laurent

A sensational documentary about Yves Saint Laurent that no one expected to see. In part because it sheds light on previously unknown aspects of the designer's life and career, as it covers the designer's final fashion show. In part because it could easily...

The Athens International Film Festival introduces the “Giorgos Tziotzios” Honorary Award

One of the most important announcements at the Press Conference of the 25th celebratory Athens International Film Festival - Opening Nights was the one regarding the title of the Festival's Honorary Award. From now on, the Honorary Award will be named after Giorgos Tziotzios, our beloved...