30/9/2016, 23:00, Danaos 1

Cannibalism and vegetarianism can hardly share a meal. Or can they? The awakenings of the flesh experienced by a young vet student set the scene for a cinematic treat of gory imagery, sexual tension and an aftertaste of comedy, which drenched the Cannes Film Festival in blood and grabbed the FIPRESCI award. A film debut destined to stay fresh in your mind.

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Filmmaker in attendance

Director: Julia Ducournau
Screenwriter: Julia Ducournau
DoP: Ruben Impens
Music: Jim Williams
Editor: Jean Christophe Bouzy
Principal Cast: Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, Rahal Nait Oufella, Laurent Lucas, Bouli Lanners

France, Belgium | 2016 | Color | DCP | 98' | French