Athens International Film Festival

The Golden Glove

19/09/19, 22:15, ASTOR

Fatih Akin transforms the shockingly true story of Fritz Honka, a serial killer of women who was active in 70s Hamburg, into a gorry and grotesque thriller destined το divide its audience.The aesthetics of the film are inspired by Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s world of underdogs which according to the director “someone may love but will definitely not recommend to his friends”. The film is not suitable for people under 18. In attendance of the director Fatih Akin and actor Jonas Dassler


Fritz an alcoholic worker with a slightly deformed face spends his nights at ‘The Golden Glove’, a seedy bar in Hamburg’s red light district. As the women his own age look down on him due to his appalling face, the young man entices older women to follow him home, offering them tons of alcohol.

The women accepting his offer, end up at his squalid apartment - but don’t make it out alive. Inspired by the luben world of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Fatih Akin creates the cinematic portrait of Fritz Honka, a serial killer who murdered women in Hamburg during the '70s and a gory grotesque thriller bound to divide audiences

DIRECTOR: Fatih Akin
DoP: Rainer Klausmann
MUSIC: F.M. Einheit
EDITORS: Andrew Bird, Franziska Schmidt-Kärner
PRINCIPAL CAST: Jonas Dassler, Margarethe Tiesel, Katja Studt, Dirk Böhling, Hark Bohm, Uwe Rohde, Lars Nagel, Adam Bousdoukos

46 year-old director of Turkish origin, born in Hamburg. He studied at the University of Fine Arts. The fist step to recognition was ‘Head-on’ (2004), which won the Golden Bear at Berlin. An audience and festival favourite Akin has won a Screenplay Award at Cannes, a Special Jury Award at Venice and a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Foreign Language for 'In the Fade'.

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2004 Head-On
2002 Solino
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