The Greasy Strangler

1/10/2016, 23:00, Odeon Opera 1

A father and a son dress up in retro women’s clothes and act as tour guides to disco attractions in Los Angeles, soon, though, they will clash over a woman. At the same time, the city is being ravaged by a sleazy maniac who murders innocent people and leaves greasy stains in his wake. Splatter explosions, farts, flaccid penises and all types of bodily fluids "adorn" the filthiest, most irreverent and guiltily enjoyable you get to see this year.

Copy of grs

Director: Jim Hosking
Screenwriters: Jim Hosking, Toby Harvard
DoP: Marten Tedin
Music: Andrew Hung
Editor: Mark Burnett
Principal Cast: Michael St. Michaels, Elizabeth De Razzo, Sky Elobar, Joe David Walters, Gil Gex, Abdoulaye Ngom, Holland MacFallister

USA | 2016 | Color | DCP | 93' | English