Athens International Film Festival

Besieged City

Welcome to Tin Shui Wai, a.k.a. City of Sadness, home of teen gangs, prostitutes and drug trafficers. Ling-kit is a lonely adolescent desperately trying to sustain a semblance of normal daily life in between caring for his disabled mother and putting up with his physically abusive drunkard father: he knows that getting an education is his only ticket out of that hellhole. But when he learns that his younger brother is in a comatose state in hospital, under arrest for murder, he realizes that he can’t hide from the truth for ever. In his quest to find answers, Ling-kit begins a slow descent into the very world he was so desperately trying to avoid. A stark piece of realism, Besieged City is an unsparing portrayal of a generation slowly marching to self-destruction without knowing why.

Director: Lawrence Ah Mon
Screenwriters: Chucky Kom, Tak-shun Leung, Franke Tam
Cinematography: Gavin Liew
Principal Cast: Pou Soi Cheang, Joman Chiang, Yat-sing Lee
Hong Kong , Color , Chinese , 96’

    Publication date: 2008-09-11 11:05:00