Athens International Film Festival


Anvil! The Story of Anvil

Toronto school friends Robb Reiner and Steve ?Lips? Kudlow where only 14 when they decided to form a metal band. They were not the first and definitely not the last teenagers to do so, but, implausibly, the boys made it, and in 1982 their band Anvil produced the landmark album "Metal on Metal" which went on to sell millions of copies and influence a whole generation of musicians. But Anvil themselves never really made it big and after a series of disastrous tours, their star faded. Now, almost 30 years later, director Sacha Gervasi follows Anvil’s latest attempt to rise out of obscurity by recording their 13th album. Harsh and realistic ?Anvil!? is a gripping tale of survival. Audience Award at Los Angeles and Sydney Film Festivals. H.Π.Α. / U.S.A. 2008 Εγχρωμο / Color 35mm 90' Αγγλικά / English Σκηνοθεσία / Director: Sacha Gervasi Φωτογραφία / Cinematography: Christopher soos Μουσική / Music: David Norland Μοντάζ / Editor: Andrew Dickler Jeff Renfroe Συμμετέχουν / Featuring: Robb Reiner Steve Kudlow Tiziana Arrigoni Lemmy

    Publication date: 2009-09-10 12:05:17