Athens International Film Festival


The Attack of the Giant Mousaka

These are trying times for Athens? A giant slab of mousaka has invaded the city covering everything in toxic grease. People are buried under dribbles of lumpy béchamel while the giant eggplant monster marches on getting bigger and bigger with each oily step. Cult, over the top and insane, this mousaka was just the injection of unpretentious fun that Greek cinema needed and it still remains fresh to this day, despite the ten years that passed since it was first served. Back then, it was an honor for the 5th Athens International Film Festival to open its gates with this emblematic dish and now we are overjoyed to celebrate its 10th anniversary - with more spices and more mince! Ελλάδα / Greece 1999 Εγχρωμο / Color διαρκεια 104’ Ελληνικά / Greece Σκηνοθεσία / Director: Πάνος Χ. Κούτρας / Panos H. Koutras Σενάριο / Screenwriter: Πάνος Χ. Κούτρας / Panos H. Koutras Φωτογραφία / Cinematography: Ζαφείρης Επαμεινώνδας / Zafiris Epaminondas Μουσική / Music: Κωνσταντίνος Βήτα / Konstantinos B Μοντάζ / Editor: Ελισάβετ Χρονοπούλου / Elisavet Hronopoulou Ηθοποιοί / Principal Cast: Γιάννης Αγγελάκης / Yiannis Aggelakis Χρήστος Μάντακας / Hristos Mandakas Μύριαμ Βούρου / Myriam Vourou Γρηγόρης Πατρικαρέας / Grigoris Patrikareas Θέμις Μπαζάκα / Themis Bazaka

    Publication date: 2009-09-10 12:05:28