• Future is now

  • Hopper Vu Par

    Eight European filmmakers turn eight well-known Edward Hopper paintings into shorts, each from his own idiosyncratic perspective. The ultimate love letter to America's most celebrated realist painter.

  • Variations on the Same Subject / Ιdeés fixes / Diesirae

    The debut feature of avant-garde Greek director Antoinetta Angelidi is all about reconstructions of the female form in contemporary art and approaching gender as an aesthetic artifice instead of a specific predestined fate. One of the most significant specimens of Greek experimental cinema.

  • Art/Life: The Futurism Revolution

    The first ever documentary on futurism, an early 20th Century movement born in Italy, enamored with speed and machines that once declared racing cars were more beautiful that the Victory of Samothrace.

  • Occupy, Resist, Produce

    The Athens Biennale 2015-2017 "OMONOIA", the most important art show in Greece, presents a provocative film triptych on the emergence of alternative economies. The three medium-length films featured in this selection follow the workers of three different self-managed factories.

  • Documenta 4

    A brilliant documentary on the legendary Documenta 4 exhibition in 1968, which - in the aftermath of political developments - gave birth to some of the most controversial questions in contemporary art. The 2017 edition of the largest art show in the world - taking place in Kassel, Germany since 1955 – will be expanding to Athens, Greece. Artistic director Adam Szymczyk in attendance. Ο καλλιτεχνικός της διευθυντής, Άνταμ Τσίμτσικ θα συζητήσει με το κοινό μετά την προβολή.