Heal the Living

30/9/2016, 22:30, Ideal

An accident brings the lives of three people together, pushing them into an unexpectedly supernatural path. The director of "Suzanne" adapts Maylis de Kerangal's award-winning novel, turning it into a deeply human and moving drama about the endurance of the human body and soul. Tahar Rahim dazzles in the starring role and Academy award winning (and half-Greek) Alexandre Desplat takes on scoring duties.

Heal the Living 4

Early one morning, three young surfers visit a beach to ride the waves. On their way back, they are involved in a car accident and 17-year old Simon is rushed to a hospital in Havre, pronounced clinically dead. The doctors try hard to persuade his shocked parents to donate his organs. Meanwhile, in Paris, a middle aged mother of two suffering from a serious degenerative disease enters the waiting list for transplant.

The director of "Suzanne" adapts the multi-awarded novel by Maylis de Kerangal, transforming it into a deeply human and moving drama about the tenacity of the human body and soul. Tahar Rahim, of "A Prophet" fame, excels in the starring role. The soundtrack is signed by Academy-award winner Alexandre Desplat, of French and Greek origin.

Director: Katell Quillevere
Screenwriters: Katell Quillevere, Gilles Taurand (based on the novel by Maylis de Kerangal)
DoP: Tom Harari
Music: Alexandre Desplat
Editor: Thomas Marchand
Principal Cast: Tahar Rahim, Emmanuelle Seigner, Anne Dorval, Bouli Lanners, Karim Leklou, Kool Shen

France, Belgium | 2016 | Color | DCP | 104' | French