Three Peaks

26/9/2017, 19:45, Danaos 1 (P)
27/9/2017, 22:00, Danaos 2

Aaron invites his partner and her 8-year old son on a mountain trip wanting to establish close family ties. His eagerness to win the young boy's acceptance triggers a dangerous power game which soon gets out of control. Paying tribute to Ruben Ostlund's “Force Majeure”, “Three Peaks” examines the complex dynamics of a human triangle before turning into a breathtaking survival thriller. Berenice Bejo (“The Artist”) and Alexander Fehling (“Homeland”) star in the film.

Three Peaks

Aaron invites his partner, Lea, and her 8-year-old son, Tristan, to a mountain trip. An idyllic scenery meant as a setting for the beginning of a new life soon turns into a field of tough competition as the three of them struggle for a place in the new family. As if that weren’t enough, Aaron’s obsession to gain the boy’s acceptance triggers tensions and an extremely dangerous game of power which soon gets out of control.

Reminiscent of Ruben Ostlund’ “Force Majeure”, “Three Peaks” explores the complex dynamics of a triangle and ends up being a breathtaking thriller. Starring Berenice Bejo (“The Artist) and Alexander Fehling (“Homeland”).

Director: Jan Zabeil
Screenwriter: Jan Zabeil
DoP: Axel Schneppat
Editor: Florian Miosge
Principal Cast: Alexander Fehling, Berenice Bejo, Arian Montgomery

Germany, Italy | 2017 | Color | DCP | 94' | German, English, French