Athens International Film Festival

The Price of Everything

27/9/18, 20:15, Danaos 1 (P)
28/9/18, 20:15, Astor

Who determines the monetary value of a work of art? And who is to blame for the transformation of the modern art world into an unscrupulous trading floor? The director of the Oscar nominated “My Architect” asks these burning questions and offers revealing answers, setting sail once more for the Academy Awards.
In attendance of the director. Co-ordinated by Kassiani Mpenou (National Museum of Contemporary Art)

USA | 2018 | COLOR | DCP | 98' | ENGLISH

14 years after the Oscar nomination for his multi-award winning «My Architect», Nathaniel Khan returns triumphantly in the documentary field. His new film is a truly revealing chronicle of the unscrupulous backstage of modern art and the numerous opportunists who have turned the art world into a brutal stock market.

By asking artists, gallerists, curators, collectors and critics the most crucial and uncomfortable questions (among the interviewees are Jeff Coons, Gerhard Richter and Larry Poons), Kahn invades with his camera the sanctuary of the modern art scene, making a sarcastic and enlightening comment on the commercialization and the deepest essence of art, which often eludes those who claim to know and manage it. L.K.

DIRECTOR: Nathaniel Kahn
DoP: Robert Richman
MUSIC: Jeff Beal
EDITORS: Sabine Krayenbühl, Brad Fuller, Phillip Schopper
FEATURING: Amy Cappellazzo, Jeff Koons, Stefan Edlis, Margaret Lee, Larry Poons, Njideka Akunyili Crosby

Award winner Nathaniel Kahn's documentary My Architect, a portrait of his father, Louis I. Kahn, was nominated for an Academy Award, two Film Independent Spirit Awards, and an Emmy. His short films include the Emmy- and Academy Award–nominated Two Hands.

2018 The Price of Everything
2003 My Architect

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