24th Athens International Film Festival


27/9/2016, 18:00, Ideal

On the verge of turning 18, two Napolitan Siamese sisters, who earn a living by performing, are told that they can finally be separated with a surgical operation. The sensitive performances by Angela and Marianna Fontana are at the heart of this deeply touching film, screened at the Venice and Toronto film festivals.


Conjoined twin sisters Dasy and Viola live in a village outside Naples and are about to celebrate their 18th birthday. Due to their angelic voices and odd physical appearance, they have become a popular singing act, performing at weddings, christenings, and other social events to support their family. This is their only contact with the outside world, because their tyrannical father keeps them isolated at home. In one of these events, they meet a doctor who informs them that they can be separated through surgery.

Edoardo de Angelis tackles a serious subject in a sympathetic and grounded manner, touching upon a severe genetic condition that was often used in films to evoke terror or laughter. More than a story of teenage emancipation, ?Indivisibili? is a moving parable for the coming of age and the painful separation from childhood.

Official selection for the Venice Days section of the Venice Film Festival. Official selection for the Venice Days section of the Venice Film Festival.

Directors: Edoardo De Angelis
Screenwriters: Edoardo De Angelis, Nicola Guaglianone, Barbara Petronio
DoP: Feran Paredes Rubio
Music: Enzo Avitabile
Editors: Chiara Griziotti
Principal Cast: Angela Fontana, Marianna Fontana, Antonia Truppo, Massimiliano Rossi

Italy | 2016 | Color | DCP | 100' | Italian