Liebelei (1933)

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It is the turn of the century and Vienna is immersed in music. Fritz, a young cavalier officer falls madly in love with Christine, but continues to pursue his affair with Baroness von Eggersdorff. When the Baron von Eggersdorff discovers his wife’s infidelity, he challenges his rival to a duel. Beneath Ophüls’s lyrical, sweeping elegance lies a much darker tale of passion, male conflict and class struggle. Liebelei was Ophüls’s last German film before he fled to France. The Nazis subsequently destroyed all copies; only five of them survive ? and this year the Athens International Film Festival brings you the best of them, digitally restored.

Director: Max Ophüls
Cinematography:Franz Planer
Editor: Friedel Buckow
Cast:Wolfgang Liebeneiner,Magda Schneider, Carl Esmond

Germany, Β & W
German, 86’
Format: 35mm