Inside - À l'intérieur

It will be a sad Christmas for 9 month pregnant Sarah, who seems destined to spends the holiday season alone mourning her boyfriend’s death, until an unknown woman appears at her door ? although was she bears is certainly not gifts. ?Open the door and I will open your belly? is the film’s tagline and what follows is a frenzied non-stop chase packed with generous amounts of blood and gore. Bustillo and Maury direct an intense, ultraviolent slasher in the best bloodfest tradition featuring compelling performances by Béatrice Dalle and Alysson Paradis. Brutal and utterly disturbing, Inside received a ‘very special screening’ at Cannes Festival Critics Week. DON’T watch it if you’re squeamish ? or pregnant.

Directors: Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury Screenwriter: Alexandre Bustillo Cinematography: Laurent Barès Editing: Baxter Music: François-Eudes Chanfrault Cast: Béatrice Dalle, Alysson Paradis, Nathalie Roussel, François-Régis Marchasson France ? Color ? French ? 83΄