24th Athens International Film Festival

24th AIFF Highlights of 29.9 | Day 10

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Robert Redford's acting farewell, the genius of Orson Welles, the impressively greeted in the recent Venice IFF «Close Enemies», Skolimowski's «Walkover», a brave road movie, a documentary on the Manchester house musical scene and the sexy «Postcards from London» are among the highlights of the 10th day of the 24th AIFF.

The Eyes Of Orson Welles
Director: Mark Cousins
29/9/18, 17:30, Danaos 1

As Orson Welles' daughter decides to bring forward her father's unpublished archives, one of the most interesting contemporary documentary film-makers takes on the challenge of getting to know the great director through previously unknown aspects of his life. This leads to a reverent tribute which succeeds in delving deep into the mind of this creative genius and by doing so helps the audience see him from a new perspective.

Athens Blues
Director: Γιώργος Πανουσόπουλος
29/9/18, 17:45, Odeon Opera 1

On a hot summer night, a six-year old boy runs away from home and wanders around Athens.  Throughout the night he encounters nine different stories, each a piece of a city that never sleeps.  A friendly and impulsive film with Betty Livanou, Ilias Logothetis, Minas Hatzisavvas and Alekos Alexandrakis leading a cast who improvise in front of the camera in a most entertaining way. In attendance of the cast & crew

Director: Jerzy Skolimowski
29/9/18, 18:00, Ideal

One of the most radical and refreshing films of post-war Poland, the second feature-length directorial attempt of the great Skolimowski (“The Shout”) is a melancholic farewell to the carefree feeling of youth and at the same time captures the portrait of a whole generation through the story of an amateur young boxer having to face the world around him as well as himself.

The Interpreter
Director: Martin Šulík
29/9/18, 20:00, Danaos 1

An elderly interpreter travels to Vienna to take revenge on the Nazi officer who is responsible for his parents' execution. He finds, instead the officer's son and together they embark on an unexpected pilgrimage which will bring them closer to finding the answers that they seek.  Slovakia's submission to this year's Academy Awards is a brave road movie where comedy and tragedy travel together with Peter Simonischek and famed Czech director Jirí Menzel in the driver's seat. 

Οικογενειακή Εκδρομή / A Family Tour
29/9/18, 20:00, Ideal

Αναγκασμένη να ζει εξόριστη μακριά από τη γενέτειρά της, εξαιτίας των πεποιθήσεων που εκφράζει στις ταινίες της, μια σκηνοθέτιδα κινεζικής καταγωγής έχει χρόνια να δει την άρρωστη μητέρα της. Μέχρι που ένα παράτολμο σχέδιο καταστρώνεται για να φέρει τις δυο γυναίκες κρυφά σε επαφή, έστω και για τελευταία φορά. Ένα μάθημα ανθρωπιάς και δύναμης, εμπνευσμένο από προσωπικά βιώματα του σκηνοθέτη και τη μεγαλειώδη απλότητα των ταινιών του Όζου. Ή αλλιώς, ένα από τα κρυμμένα κινηματογραφικά διαμάντια της χρονιάς.

Manchester Keeps On Dancing
Director: Javi Senz
29/9/18, 20:15, Odeon Opera 1

From the electronic music stage in Chicago in the early 80s all the way to the acid days of the legendary Hacienda club, showcasing the transformation of house to a pop phenomenon this is the chronicle of the entire musical movement as it came to be from the industrial sighs of a city. The ultimate manual for any DJ who is worth his salt.

The Old Man & the Gun
Director: David Lowery
29/9/18, 21:00, Pallas

The true story of Forrest Tucker, the bank robber, who was sent to jail for the first time at age 15, managed to escape 18 times and continued undeterred to rob banks until he was 79 years old. This film is the perfect medium for Robert Redford's definitive farewell to acting, thanks to a charming adventure film directed with pizazz and backed by the great performances of Tom Waits, Sissy Spacek, Casey Affleck and Elisabeth Moss.

Close Enemies
Director: David Oelhoffen
29/9/18, 22:15, Ideal

Having grown up in a Paris ghetto, two childhood friends (Matthias Schoenaerts and Reda Kateb) are now on the opposite sides of the law. An illegal drug exchange brings them together and they soon realise that they each depend on the other to survive.  The director of the brilliant “Far from Men”, masterfully bridges the gap between Michael Mann and Jean-Pierre Melville and offers up an exemplary crime thriller which was justifiably received with high critical acclaim at the recent Venice Film Festival.

Postcards from London
Director: Steve McLean
29/9/2018, 22:30, Odeon Opera 1

A naive young man is initiated into the world of prostitution and arts in London in this sensational version of Fassbinder's “Querelle” filled with Caravaggio paintings and reminiscent of Jarman's cinema style. A delirium of art, a dream-like atmosphere with a brave performance by last year's exceptional newcomer star of  “Beach Rats”.

    Publication date: 2018-09-29 12:20:23


      The Palme d'Or winner in Athens!

      The Palme d'Or winner in Athens! "Parasite"is the opening film of the 25th Athens International Film Festival!

      The celebrated Palme d'Or winner of this year's Cannes Film Festival will be screened on the opening ceremony of the 25th Athens International Film Festival!

      The poster of the 25th Athens International Film Festival

      The poster of the 25th Athens International Film Festival

      The Athens International Film Festival celebrates 25 years of cinematic history in Athens and returns for another year from 18 to 29 September 2019!

      24th Athens International Film Festival: The Awards

      24th Athens International Film Festival: The Awards

      "Heiresses", "Museum" and "A Woman Captured" won this year's big prizes!

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