Call me...a masterpiece! "Call Me by Your Name" at the 23rd Athens International Film Festival

The 23rd Athens International Film Festival proudly presents Luca Guadagnino's masterpiece and one of the Oscars' favorites.

In picturesque 1983 provincial Italy, in the midst of summer, the film follows the sexual awakening of a restless 17year-old boy. Son of two academics, Elio feels his emotional world shaken to the core not by his sexual encounters with a local girl but by an American man, seven years older, who’s helping the boy’s father in his research on Greco-Roman culture.

The screenwriting collaboration between the director of “I am Love” and James Ivory, veteran director of “The Remains of the Day” gives us a masterpiece about the indelible marks of first loves, the intense first infatuations and the mysterious calls of the heart and the body. An instant classic, powerful enough to reach a diverse audience, this beautiful film is something one has to experience.

"Call Me by Your Name" can be seen at 1/10 (21:30, Danaos 1) and is part of the 23rd Athens International Film Festival's section "Festival Darlings".