• The director who fell to Earth

  • Performance

    A sadist London gangster, hunted down by his own people, takes refuge at a rock star's apartment, during an existentialist drug binge. Mick Jagger and James Fox indulge in drugs and drag, psychedelia, sex & violence, peppered with mind games and role playing. Roeg orchestrates the ultimate hallucinogenic film of the 70s.

  • Walkabout

    Two siblings stranded in the Australian outback after their father's suicide, try to survive with the help of a young Aboriginal. Roeg, in one of his classic masterpieces, turns their odyssey into a magical dreamscape.

  • Bad Timing

    Vienna. During a police raid, an American psychoanalyst has flashbacks from his first encounter and his insalubrious relationship with a femme fatale. Roeg transforms physical desire into sexually charged images, featuring Theresa Russell's feminine wiles and the imposing shadows of Freud's birthplace. Hands down one of the best films of the 1980s.

  • Insignificance

    A surreal encounter between Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, infamous anti-communist senator Joseph McCarthy and baseball star Joe DiMaggio, criticizing the pitfalls of celebrity and the bottomless depths of human vanity in 20th Century America. A delightfully ironic allegory!

  • The Man Who Fell to Earth

    What if Ziggy Stardust really was from another galaxy? David Bowie is an alien looking for water for his barren planet, slowly corroded by human passions. Light years ahead of its time, Nicolas Roeg's sci-fi gem explores the decadence of western civilization through a monumental chronicle of innocence lost.

  • Don’t Look Now

    Featuring one of the most seminal love scenes in the history of cinema and a shocking finale that will haunt you for life, Roeg's masterpiece sees a British couple mourning the death of their young daughter in a menacing Venice, where bad omens open a gateway to the supernatural. More than just a thriller, this is an unforgettable journey straight into the mouth of darkness.

  • Eureka

    A golddigger hits the big time in 1925 rural Canada. Decades later, as a deeply wealthy family man, he fears everything he's built is under threat. One of the weirdest films to come out of the Hollywood studio system, Nicolas Roeg's “Citizen Cane” features the most glamorous cast of his entire career.