Defiant Lives

23/9/2017, 19:30, Οnassis Cultural Centre

Activists with disabilities, in action. The Anglo-Saxon version of the fight of emancipated people and people without guardians, for social justice and a claim for their political and social rights achieved through the use of a significant body of archival material accompanied by a contemporary narrative as well as well-founded interviews with academics and activists of the disability studies field. Sarah Barton's “Defiant Lives” constitutes a guide for the emancipation of disabled people around the world, and promises 90 rewarding minutes for all those fighting for dignity and justice. Free entry

Defiant Lives

Disabled activists in action. The Anglo-saxon version of the independent and emancipated disabled people demanding social justice and incorporation of political and social rights. More than 30 disabled people from Australia, USA and the UK take a staggering journey of demand through the social model of disability. “Defiant Lives” is a guide to the emancipation of disabled people around the world.

Australian director Sarah Barton traveled to the USA and the UK to explore a film about the disability rights movement. In 8 weeks time she documented 27 interviews with disabled activists. These interviews became the basis of the documentary script. Great footage, contemporary narration and well-documented interviews of academics and activists on the study of disability promise 90 liberating minutes about those fighting for decency and justice.

An open discussion will follow with activists of the Emancipation Movement for the Disabled:
“Zero Tolerance”.

Director: Sarah Barton
Screenwriter: Sarah Barton
DoP: Sarah Barton, Joanne Donahoe-Beckwith
Music: Erin McKimm
Editor: Robert Murphy

Australia, UK | 2017 | Color | DCP | 84΄ | English