Struggle of the Blind

22/9/2017, 20:00, Οnassis Cultural Centre

On the 2 nd May 1976 about 300 visually impaired people took over the “Home of the Blind”
demanding a policy change, as up to that point the establishment had been under control of the

Archdiocese of Athens. For the first time in Greece, people with disabilities overcame their
marginalisation and demanded that the government intervene while also trying to sensitize all citizens to their struggle. Mary Hatzimihali-Papaliou's documentary reached Europe making the struggle of Greek visually impaired people a matter for the whole of the civilised world to address.
In attendance of the director. Free entry

Struggle of the Blind

A documentary film, similar in its ambitions to the Struggle, of the team of Eight, but much more limited in its thematic breadth. The subject is the situation of the blind in our country, who, for the most part, are reduced to begging in the streets, while the Greek church rather arbitrarily manages the only asylum for the blind, in Kallithea, and at the same time tries to support their struggle for better living conditions. This struggle was manifested in their occupation of the School for the Blind and their wider conflict with all the repressive mechanisms of the state.

Director: Mary Hatzimihali-Papaliou
Screenplay: Mary Hatzimihali-Papaliou
DoP: Kostas Karamanidis, Lambros Papadimitrakis, Nikos Smaragdis, Dimitris Vernikos
Editor: Mary Hatzimihali-Papaliou, Dimitris Vernikos
Naration: Giorgos Kimoulis

Greece | 1978 | B&W | 90΄ | Greek