• Schneider vs. Bax

    A paid assassin is asked to kill a writer on his birthday but the soon-to-be victim receives an unexpected visit from his daughter. Naturally, nothing goes according to plan. Our favorite Dutch director orchestrates a feisty black comedy, starring himself.

  • Hector

    Peter Mullan delivers a devastating performance as Hector, a vagrant who embarks on an adventurous journey from Scotland to London, hoping to arrive at the homeless shelter in time for Christmas. The first-time director handles the main character's traumatic past masterfully, elevating his personal tragedy to a social issue that concerns us all.

  • Nasty Baby

    Sebastián Silva, Chile's rising star and the man behind "Magic Magic", directs Kristen Wiig and TV on the Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe in a contemporary tragicomedy with a shocking finale. An interracial gay couple use their best friend as a surrogate mother, but a once harmless neighbor won't leave them in peace.

  • Unexpected 

    An unexpected bond develops between a student and her teacher when they both find out they're pregnant at the same time, as they deal with the challenges of motherhood from diametrically different perspectives. An endlessly generous film with two fittingly affectionate performances by Cobie Smulders and young Gail Bean.

  • Bourek

    Rich Americans, German artists, Turkish tourists and Serbian adventurers interact at a seaside tavern, as the owner struggles to keep the business afloat against her brother's will. A hilarious script featuring an international cast, including Greek actors Katerina Misichroni, Marios Ioannou and Yorgos Nanouris.

  • Elephant Song

    A psychiatrist suddenly disappears and only one of his disturbed patients knows what happened, but he won't give it up so easily. Xavier Dolan, the enfant terrible of Canadian cinema, delivers an extraordinary performance that elevates this psychological drama of subtle tensions and unexpected plot twists.

  • How to Win Enemies / Como Ganar Enemigos

    A young lawyer wakes up only to find the girl he brought home last night is gone with all his savings! Determined to find her, every single one of his friends becomes a suspect. A funny, suspenseful film noir, somewhere between a thriller and a comedy.

  • Long Way North / Tout en Haut du Monde

    2D animation fused with multi-dimensional emotion! In late 19th Century North Pole, Sasha seeks her missing explorer grandfather in a stunning, hand-drawn period adventure, following in the French animation tradition.

  • The Forbidden Room

    Fear and loathing in the confines of a trapped submarine. The appearance of a stranger forces crew members to resort to their darkest instincts, unable to find a way out. The loopy Canadian auteur mixes genres and concepts in a unique movie cocktail, featuring Charlotte Rampling, Mathieu Amalric, Ariane Labed and Andreas Apergis.

  • Melbourne

    A couple is getting ready to immigrate from Tehran to Melbourne. A few hours before their departure, they get caught up in an unspeakable tragedy. Modern Iranian cinema leaves folklor behind in a dramatic thriller of unpredictable plot twists and high drama.

  • Two Friends / Les Deux Amis

    Two 30something friends, one girl and a sizzling love triangle. In his film debut, French actor Louis Garrel, takes the lovely Golshifteh Farahani and Vincent Macaigne on a walk down nouvelle vague lane. In competition at Critic's Week in Cannes.