Athens International Film Festival


29/9/18, 18:00, Ideal
30/9/18, 19:15, Danaos 2

One of the most radical and refreshing films of post-war Poland, the second feature-length directorial attempt of the great Skolimowski (“The Shout”) is a melancholic farewell to the carefree feeling of youth and at the same time captures the portrait of a whole generation through the story of an amateur young boxer having to face the world around him as well as himself.

POLAND | 1965 | B&W | DCP | 77' | POLISH

Even though he had just began making feature films (this one was actually screened at Cannes along with «Identification Marks: None»), Jerzy Skolimowski’s «Walkover» showed admirable self-confidence, bold directorial perception and at the same time a willingness to combine personal experiences with youthful anxieties, which led to a modern and groundbreaking cinema, unprecedented in Polish film history.

Through the existential and emotional dilemmas of a young amateur boxer, who moves from one fight to the other in order to make a living, he draws not only the picture of an uncertain antihero but also that of a whole generation which struggled to find meaning and destination in a melancholic postwar reality. L.K.

DIRECTOR: Jerzy Skolimowski
SCREENWRITER: Jerzy Skolimowski
DoP: Antoni Nurzynski
MUSIC: Andrzej Trzaskowski
EDITORS: Alina Faflik, Jerzy Skolimowski
PRINCIPAL CAST: Jerzy Skolimowski, Aleksandra Zawieruszanka, Andrzej Herder, Krzysztof Chamiec

Skolimowski, 80, a major Polish writer/ director/actor, has directed 18 films since Walkover, his feature début. In 1967 he was awarded the Golden Bear for his film Le Départ.. A multiple Cannes nominee and winner of the Grand Jury Prize with the Shout.

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