24th Athens International Film Festival

Short Premieres

Chronicles of the Sand

The loss of a day or a whole life. The loss of time in a ritualistic repetition that happens everyday. The Hero's journey from his self trapment.

Director: Nikos Mamalos



The Encounter

On a rainy night a guy enters a bar for a drik...

Director: Tassos Goudelis



Reperage (...for a Dream)

A company of friends is reperaging for their first short film. But it takes a long way for a dream to come true.

Director: Kostas Gounaris




Lilly cannot wake up from her nightmare. So what? Her little friend is waiting for her to play one way or another.

Director: Kyrinaios Papadimatos



The Visit

Anastasis lives all alone in a village at the Kerkini lake. After a phone call from his daighter his life into colour again.

Director: Katerina Gkioulmihalaki




An attempt to bring into life Caravaggio's "Doubting Thomas" painting.

Director: Christos Mpousis




The Man has just made the crossing from one life to the other. Only thing is, he doesn't know. A series of familiar faces will be required in order to make him realize his situation.

Director: Dimitris Kotselis

18' 30''


The Jump

While the country is facing riots, uprisings and vandalisms, an alcoholic writer is visited by an old friend who proposes the most simple yet the most bizarre solution to the problems of the whole world.

Director: Charis Stathopoulos



Attimo Fuggente

Neither here, nor on the line...

Director: Gabriel Tzafkas



The Basket

The gift as a social obligation, as an expression of social status, as an exchange in general... People's weakness to accept and enjoy the gift, even the most humble one... The story of an everyday, dysfunctional family that is being torn apart and then gets it together again within a year but not without paying the price.

Director: Panos Spinthiropoulos

17' 30''


Farewell to the Arms

A patient asks his doctor a favo. Will it become real? And what has the patient asked after all?

Director: Nancy Spetsioti

5' 30''


To the Corridor

Anna is a lawyer and Angkelos a radio DJ lost and scared in a noisy Athens. They meet through the internet. This acquaintance makes them feel secure and safe. In the relationship they create, they can finally be themselves..




A young man searches for "milk" in a city where there's none of it.

Director: Kostas Fragkoulis



Regular Night

The night, the road, the sea, three acts, three characters and a 20 euro bank note.

Director: Stergios Paschos