Short Stories B

La Copie de Coralie

Monsieur Conform owns a photocopy machine and is haunted by the memory of a woman missing for 30 years. His shop assistant decides to take ezxtreme measures.

Director: Nicolas Engel

France, 22'



The 2/3 of the earth are filled with surprises not only down in the deep but on the surface as well.

Director: Rui Xavier

Portugal, 13' 30''


6.5 Minutes in Tel Aviv

What happens when the Middle-eastern microcosms gathers for 6.5 instense and crowded minutes into a bus in Tel-Aviv?.

Director: Mirev Brantz

Israel, 7'


Le Saint Festin

It's the big day and children haunting has just started. The diary shows November 40th and anyone caught without a child captured must hurry...

Director: Annelaure Daffis, Léo Marchand

France, 15'


New Boy

Joseph is the son of an African family on his first day at school in Ireland.

Director: Steph Green

Ireland, 11'


Down the Road

Vicar Henry picks up a mysterious hitchhiker late in the evening, who claims to possess psychic powers and discloses a surprising knowledge of Henry's innermost thoughts and secrets.

Director: Rune Christensen

Denmark, 16'


Can You Wave Bye-Bye?

A single mother decides to put her daughter up for adoption before causing her any harm.

Director: Sarah Galea

Canada, 18'


August 15th

Based on a true story, this is the account of a group of people and the unexpected outcome of their journey somewhere deep in China.

Director: Jiang Xuan

China, 22'