Athens International Film Festival

The Cordillera of Dreams

26/09/19, 20:15, DANAOS 1

Following the masterpiece that was “Nostalgia for the Light” and the award-winning “The Pearl Button”, a rare trilogy ends here: a great cinematic trifecta which combines natural sciences with the need to preserve historical memories and the full of contrast landscapes of Chile with the open wound of Pinochet’s dictatorship. Directed by the top living documentarist of Latin American cinema.


The unique trilogy, which mixes natural science with the -filled with contradictions– natural landscape of Chile, the urgency to maintain historical memory and the open wound of the Pinochet regime, ends here. After the masterful ‘Nostalgia for the Light’ (2010) and the Silver Bear winner ‘The Pearl Button’ (2015), Guzmán turns his sui generis glance to Cordillera, the characteristic mountain range of the Chilean Andes.

Focusing on another distinctive natural trait of a country that he barely recognizes, completely dedicated to its ideal with any sense of Truth, the great representative of the poetic and political documentary continues his unique exploration of this thin line where timeless Nature meets the timewise insignificant human factor. N.S.

DIRECTOR: Patricio Guzmán
DoP: Pablo Salas
EDITOR: Emmanuelle Joly

A veteran filmmaker from Chile, born in 1941, internationally acclaimed for his documentaries ‘The Battle of Chile’, ‘Nostalgia for the Light’ and ‘Salvador Allende’. He teaches documentary in Europe and Latin America and is the founder of the International Documentary Festival of Santiago. He lives in France.

2019 La Cordillera de los Sueños
2015 The Pearl Button
2010 Nostalgia for the Light
2004 Salvador Allende
1979 La Battalla de Chile: El Poder Popular
1977 La Battalla de Chile: El Golde de Estado
1975 La Battalla de Chile: La Insurrección de la Burguesía


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