• Robin Campillo: Τhe Revolutionary Allure of Sensitivity

    A permanent coworker of director Laurent Cantet, writer of the staggering “Time Out” and “The Class” which won the Palm d’Or in 2008 but also director of the film “120 Beats Per Minute” which won the Fipresci award and touched as non other the Jury president in the latest Cannes Film Festival, Pedro Almodovar. Born in Morocco, 1962, Robin Campillo, detects in his characters’ deeply personal stories the urgent need for general contemplation but he does so avoiding the pretentiousness or ease of the pompous melodrama and social criticism.

    From the allegory of the “awkward” return of the dead in “They Came Back” to prudish Daniel’s love for the young immigrant Marek in “Eastern Boys”, Campillo seeks his heroes in the fringes of society, documenting, explicitly or implicitly but always with great sensitivity- the complexity of feelings, without judging any desires or decisions. Redirecting the action from collective to personal and from vague to particular, he reveals the close connection between these aspects, making the viewer realize his invariably timely issues. The French director and his leading man will present in person one of the most important films of Cannes 2017 at the 23d AIFF. Panos Achtsioglou

  • 120 Beats per Minute / 120 Battements par Minute

    The film that brought a tear to Pedro Almodovar's eyes, president of the recent Cannes Film Festival jury, chronicles a group of people in the 80s who passionately opposed the world's indifference to a powerful and deadly disease. Campillo's direction, imbued with youthful momentum, uniquely combines the collective with the individual and the personal with the political. Campillo presents the audience with an emotional grenade. Winner of the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival. In attendance of the director Robin Campillo and lead actor Arnaud Valois.

  • Eastern Boys

    A wealthy middle-aged man picks up a young immigrant not knowing that the latter's gang is waiting to rob him. The man, however, refuses to turn him in, seduced by the rush of youth that unexpectedly comes to fill his emotional void. In the centre of a multicultural though chaotic harsh world, Campillo explores the possibility of understanding, forgiveness and salvation in unexpected and sometimes awkward situations through the narration of a disarmingly candid love story.

  • They Came Back / Les Revenants

    The lives of the residents of a small French village change irreparably when the unthinkable happens and the dead come back to life claiming a place in society and in the hearts of those they left behind. In his first directorial attempt, Campillo offers a haunting and deeply atmospheric thriller which focuses on the eternal and unsolvable mysteries of life. Its grand reception inspired the extremely successful similarly titled TV series.