In a Bedroom

27/9/2016, 20:45, Odeon Opera 1 29/9/2016, 19:00, Danaos 2

An introverted woman in her forties places an online ad as an escort for wealthy gentlemen, whom she drugs during their date. She then spends the night in their apartments, relishing their "hospitality". When her plan goes awry with one of her victims, a peculiar relationship is born. Sex, lies and loneliness in the minimalistic and atmospheric debut, which introduced the directorial talent of Tomasz Wasilewski.

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Filmmaker in attendance

Director: Tomasz Wasilewski
Screenwriter: Tomasz Wasilewski
DoP: Marcin Martinez Swystun
Music: Leszek Mozdzer
Editor: Alexsandra Gowin
Principal Cast: Katarzyna Herman, Tomek Tyndyk, Agata Buzek, Miroslaw Zbrojewicz

Poland | 2012 | Color | DCP | 78' | Polish